Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.


Spawn: The Recall (Fan Film)

This fan film is amazingly well done. Much better than the 1997 movie.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Short Film

This is epic as fuck! I don't like the casting for Adam Jensen, but Yelena Fedorova isĀ very well-cast. I like how Jensen's retractable swords are hardly ever visible except for in the slow-motion section. Perfect. There are so many little hidden gems in this. "Damnit, I'm seeing yellow again. No, I never asked for this." Or that Jensen evolves in his unconscious state and shows signs of what I think is the writer's interpretation of nano-technology, indicating that he's the link to the Denton brothers. I think Megan Reed had the right face, but a far too pornographic body, so I'm divided on her casting. All in all, fucking amazing.


Left 4 Dead Fan Film

As everyone knows, I like myself a good fan-made film based on my favourite computer games. This Left 4 Dead inspired film goes from zero to awesome in the last three minutes. I love it!


Portal: No Escape

When Portal was first produced I had a feeling that if it would prove to be a successful game it would see a film inspired by it. As far as I know there's no film being planned just yet, even after the commercial success of Portal 2, but it has already inspired Portal: No Escape, a seven-minute fan film that knocks the socks off many Hollywood productions. Check it out.

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