Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle [2003]

Director: McG
Actor: Cameron DiazDrew BarrymoreLucy LiuCrispin GloverBernie MacDemi MooreRobert PatrickJustin TherouxMatt LeBlancLuke WilsonJohn CleeseBruce Willis

This is a movie that doesn’t bother you too much with plot. Seriously. I saw it with Eva and I was constantly asking her if she had any idea as to what the fuck they were up to, because I sure as shit didn’t know (nor cared too much.)

The acting is actually surprisingly good. Except for Drew Barrymore, who couldn’t act herself out of a paper bag. Ms Diaz was showing herself to be a very good comedienne, at a certain point going undercover as a feminist forensic’s detective and doing it with such incredible talent that I was startled. She’s more than just an aging ex-model-gone-slapstick-actress. Lucy Liu wasn’t really required to do a lot of real acting, but her absolutely stunning appearance makes me reconsider taking Salma’s title as most desirable Hollywood woman and giving it to this foxy chicklet.

Bernie Mac looks weird when he’s smiling all the time. I just kept wondering when he’d break out in some psychotic rant. :)

Crispin Glover is doing his thing. The thing he’s done in some for or another in all his films. Back to the Future, At Close Range…you name it. He does it well.

And then…Justin Theroux, as Seamus O’Grady. Absolutely my favourite of the film. Well, maybe after Crispin Glover. He’s already proven himself to be a good actor as Adam in Mullholland Dr. but here you see him as a psychotic Irish Mobster out to take revenge like Bobby deNiro in Cape Fear. Good shit.

Oh, and I almost forgot…Demi Moore. She’s beautiful in this film, and she’s a good, good actress. She’s proven it before, and she’s proving it now.

So yeah, plot; uber-thin. Acting; rather good. Overabundant use of wires in action plots.

But the most important part of this movie that added to my enjoyment, the director and cinematographer did an excellent, truly superb job in capturing the scenes, visually. It’s a beautiful movie.

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