Tag: Steady Hand

Headquarters of the Night Master


The night master, John Sharpe, has created an elaborate headquarters in the ancient waterways underneath Ravensbourne. There are a series of interconnected rooms and tunnels that make up the ancient waterways, which are both trapped and guarded.


Like the Senhadrim Quarters of the Wyrmblood Ziggurat, the headquarters need the following:

  • The Great Hall
  • The Crypt
  • The Chapel
  • The Butchery
  • The Gauntlet


  • The headquarters are the public part of the vault underneath.
  • The headquarters should be large enough to form a bit of a “quest hub”, complete with conflicts and side-quests.
  • The night master and his faction within the Steady Hand focus on the darker side of the trade; violence, murder.
  • The headquarters should have a similar design to the top of the ziggurat at Wyrmblood Lake. The vault itself should likely be different, except for the circle of crystals.
  • The rogues of the Steady Hand are dissatisfied with the aberrant lords having so much power over them.
  • Is there an infernal incursion?