Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.


This is a great resource for Skyrim's dragon language:

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Reveal Trailer

I'm not gonna lie; I'm excited!


Flygirl vs Spyboy

I'm not going to lie, this gave me goose bumps. I didn't bust my ass to save Malik only to have there be no confirmation of her fate in the next game! Love it.



The Witcher 3: OST – Unreleased Tracks, Outside Novigrad (Midnight)


Music from the Borderlands

That time that Telltale Games used James Blake's "Retrograde" in Tales from the Borderlands... Goosbumps!

Episode One: Zer0 Sum

Episode Two: Atlas Mugged

Episode Three: Catch A Ride

Episode Four: Escape Plan Bravo

Episode Five: The Vault of the Traveler