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I Miss Geralt

I miss playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I miss Geralt, Zoltan, Ciri, Tris, Yenn, Vesemir, Eskel and even Lambert. I really wish I could start over and visit Velen, Novigrad, Oxenfurt, Kaer Morhen, Skellige and Toussaint again for the first time. I’ve done two full play-throughs now and I suspect I’ve seen almost everything there is to see. Still, I’ve started a third play-through. How I wish there was more content for me to experience. I still have several games ready and waiting to play; Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Middle-Eart: Shadow of War, Vampyre and I’ve been flirting with Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Still, I would happily trade all of those games in for another Witcher 3 DLC.

Cyberpunk 2077

Anyone who saw the Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer back in January of 2013 has been eagerly awaiting news since. Nobody thought it would take five years for the next concrete bit of information that CDPR released. During E3 this year, they released the trailer above, and with it quite a bit of information. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

The game is first person, which I’m not sure I enjoy the idea of. It becomes too much like Deus Ex that way, I suspect. Apparently the verticality of the game doesn’t work well with a third person game. So I’m cautiously optimistic, only because it’s CDPR and they consistently know how to make the best of things. Apparently, you’ll also have the option of choosing between a male or female protagonist, which is nice, while still maintaining an established character instead of allowing for a fully bespoke character. This will help the narrative element of the game tremendously. It worked well for the Mass Effect series, so I’m sure that will be on point.

It’s the looks, however, that I’m not sure about. And with me many others. They seem to be aiming for the mid-eighties flavour of Cyberpunk, which, admittedly, is probably the most OG version to go for. I’d be disappointed if they had gone for a more post-Cyberpunk feel, but this is a little bit too “Neon and Mohawk” for my tastes. I like it with a bit more grit. But again, I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m actively trying to curb my desire to just get Witcher 4.

What is Next, or A Post Witcher Funk

Having finished my second play-through of the Witcher, I’m struggling to come to grips that it’s over. I managed to discover so much more on my second go. I managed to beat the game on the highest difficulty setting, and I think I’ve done all that I would want to do. Sure, I could go back for another go and, say, let Radovid live, or choose Triss Merigold over Yennefer of Vengerberg, or let Ciri die… but I’m happy having killed Radovid on both my play-throughs. I’m happy with Yennefer on both play-throughs, and I’m happy with Ciri having become empress in my first play-through and a witcher on my second.

One of the reasons I decided upon a second play-through is because I had made a choice in the Blood and Wine expansion — which was amazing, I’d like to add — that lead to the death of both Anna Henrietta and her sister Sylvia Anna, which I hated. Replaying the DLC was a treat, and I got to experience an entirely portion of the story which I didn’t even know existed. The Land of a Thousand Fables storyline was amazing. But then, the Orianna storyline that I went through the first time was pretty cool, too.

Anyway, I’m level capped, I have all the grandmaster legendary witcher outfits, I’ve explored all the question marks on the map, and there’s little for me to do. I have to admit that it’s time to stop playing the game, even though I don’t want to yet. I had the same after both play-throughs I did for Mass Effect 1-3; I feel the incredible sadness and emptiness. I know I’ll find something new, that there are plenty more fish in the sea, but I can’t imagine anything gripping me as tightly and engrossing me as much as this game did.

But what now? What’s next? Well, I’ve started reading the books, which are amazing. I’ve also started playing the second game, which is okay. Both give me a lot of context for the game, and might tempt me to do another play-through of the game at a later point. I still have a few games that I could play, but in the wake of The Witcher, I simply don’t feel like anything will fill that void.


After Midinváerne, or Midwinter, the day of the winter solstice, the days grow longer. According to the elves, Midinváerne marks the beginning of a new cycle: the sun gradually gains power and all things beneath it are born once again. Winter Shrines erected on this day celebrate the revival of life and light, but also honor the winter, as death and resurrection are two sides of the same coin.

Magic connected to death and cold are particularly strong near the Winter Shrines, and witches can use them to prolong frost and destroy crop. Even witchers bow before the shrines to honor winter and increase the intensity of their Signs.