Category: Development

A Stifling Environment

I realise only now that my previous place of employment was such a stifling environment. I was always quite insecure about my abilities as a software engineer. In the years since I left I have come to terms with the fact that I’m really quite talented, but that I was never afforded the autonomy and space to make the changes required to evolve and fix the software I was working on. I am so much more successful now.

Reminder: Disable ReSharper Renaming

  • Visual Studio -> Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard: search for Refactor.Rename and set it to Ctrl+R, R (or Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R). And renaming will once again be done on this shortcut. But it will still use the ReSharper refactoring window.
  • ReSharper.ReSharper_Rename: remove all entries.
  • Visual Studio -> ReSharper -> Options -> Keyboards & Menus -> Uncheck ‘Override Visual Studio Refactorings’ -> Save.

You’re welcome, future Dennis.