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Cyberpunk 2077

Anyone who saw the Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer back in January of 2013 has been eagerly awaiting news since. Nobody thought it would take five years for the next concrete bit of information that CDPR released. During E3 this year, they released the trailer above, and with it quite a bit of information. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The game is first person, which I'm not sure I enjoy the idea of. It becomes too much like Deus Ex that way, I suspect. Apparently the verticality of the game doesn't work well with a third person game. So I'm cautiously optimistic, only because it's CDPR and they consistently know how to make the best of things. Apparently, you'll also have the option of choosing between a male or female protagonist, which is nice, while still maintaining an established character instead of allowing for a fully bespoke character. This will help the narrative element of the game tremendously. It worked well for the Mass Effect series, so I'm sure that will be on point.

It's the looks, however, that I'm not sure about. And with me many others. They seem to be aiming for the mid-eighties flavour of Cyberpunk, which, admittedly, is probably the most OG version to go for. I'd be disappointed if they had gone for a more post-Cyberpunk feel, but this is a little bit too "Neon and Mohawk" for my tastes. I like it with a bit more grit. But again, I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm actively trying to curb my desire to just get Witcher 4.



Lately, my social schedule has been pretty busy. I enjoy having stuff to do, seeing my friends, partying with them, hanging out with them, helping them out or having them help me out. I enjoy keeping close touch (though I admit I'm not very good at it when it comes to some long distance friendships) and regularly touching base.

Having said that, I'm also noticing that with time, my introverted nature is getting more pronounced and that the moments that I need to lock myself away and spend time by myself are coming around more frequently. Whether it's gaming, coding something, watching some television or reading a book, these moments become more valuable as time goes on.

I wonder if this is because at my advancing age I am simply less capable of toughing it out and red-lining my social life, or whether my introverted nature is getting more entrenched, like a river etching itself into the bedrock. Regardless, I want to apologise to anyone if I haven't been keeping in touch with you as regularly as I should, or haven't been as socially available as before.

It's not you, it's me.

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Funeral Music

When I die, I want the piano version of Max Richter's Departure to play on a loop until everyone cries. Those who aren't crying after the second minute are clearly my enemies who came to celebrate my demise. Feel free to murder them once the two minute marker is reached.

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Mido Multifort Special Edition II – M005.430.36.051.80

This was a bit of an impulse buy yesterday as I was window shopping at Dublin airport. I love the PVD finish on the 42 millimeter stainless steel case as well as the deployment clasp. And the extra bracelet makes it a versatile watch that can easily be paired with different outfits. I was surprised at the price, considering it was outfitted with front and back sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment. The movement is a Caliber 80, which is a modified ETA C07.621 (25 jewel, 3hz) movement, which gives the seconds hands a nice even sweep.


Calvin & Hobbes Wall Art, Portland Oregon