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Mido Multifort Special Edition II – M005.430.36.051.80

This was a bit of an impulse buy yesterday as I was window shopping at Dublin airport. I love the PVD finish on the 42 millimeter stainless steel case as well as the deployment clasp. And the extra bracelet makes it a versatile watch that can easily be paired with different outfits. I was surprised at the price, considering it was outfitted with front and back sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment. The movement is a Caliber 80, which is a modified ETA C07.621 (25 jewel, 3hz) movement, which gives the seconds hands a nice even sweep.


Calvin & Hobbes Wall Art, Portland Oregon


What is Next, or A Post Witcher Funk

Having finished my second play-through of the Witcher, I'm struggling to come to grips that it's over. I managed to discover so much more on my second go. I managed to beat the game on the highest difficulty setting, and I think I've done all that I would want to do. Sure, I could go back for another go and, say, let Radovid live, or choose Triss Merigold over Yennefer of Vengerberg, or let Ciri die... but I'm happy having killed Radovid on both my play-throughs. I'm happy with Yennefer on both play-throughs, and I'm happy with Ciri having become empress in my first play-through and a witcher on my second.

One of the reasons I decided upon a second play-through is because I had made a choice in the Blood and Wine expansion -- which was amazing, I'd like to add -- that lead to the death of both Anna Henrietta and her sister Sylvia Anna, which I hated. Replaying the DLC was a treat, and I got to experience an entirely portion of the story which I didn't even know existed. The Land of a Thousand Fables storyline was amazing. But then, the Orianna storyline that I went through the first time was pretty cool, too.

Anyway, I'm level capped, I have all the grandmaster legendary witcher outfits, I've explored all the question marks on the map, and there's little for me to do. I have to admit that it's time to stop playing the game, even though I don't want to yet. I had the same after both play-throughs I did for Mass Effect 1-3; I feel the incredible sadness and emptiness. I know I'll find something new, that there are plenty more fish in the sea, but I can't imagine anything gripping me as tightly and engrossing me as much as this game did.

But what now? What's next? Well, I've started reading the books, which are amazing. I've also started playing the second game, which is okay. Both give me a lot of context for the game, and might tempt me to do another play-through of the game at a later point. I still have a few games that I could play, but in the wake of The Witcher, I simply don't feel like anything will fill that void.


Ankle Trouble

Meet my right ankle, it's been very, very bad. Early November, during training, my ankle locked up as it is wont to do. I couldn't get it to unlock before my patience ran out so I decided to continue training with a locked ankle, which wasn't ideal but it didn't bother me too much. The next day I woke up and it had swollen up to the size of a tennis ball. Eew.

It remained swollen for longer than I was comfortable with, so after quite a bit of bullying from friends and family, I ended up going to my doctor. After hearing the trouble that I've been having with that ankle since I was six, I was sent on to an orthopaedic specialist at the hospital.

There they made the x-rays you can see above and informed me that I had about a dozen bone splinters rummaging around in my ankle, which is bad. It was explained to me like there was a hand full of pebbles tossed into a gearbox. Also, some of the edges had grown spurs which were impeding the full range of motion of my ankle. All bad.

I had an MRI made to see if there was any damage to any ligaments or any swelling inside the joint. It turns out there was. One of my outside ligaments had lost much of its strength and apparently required some "stitching" because the bone fragments had likely caused damage to it.

The advice I got was to have surgery to clear up all the debris from my join, shave down some of the bone spurs, have that ligament stitched up in order to reinforce it, drill a few holes in my fibula and pull the ligament through and attach it on the other side in order to tighten the whole ankle up. Recovery time? Six weeks of a cast, and at least another six weeks of fysiotherapy.

Fuck me.

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