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It's getting uncomfortably busy in my life, but it's not that I find myself without free time to do things in, it's just that I've got more things I want to do than I have free time for. A luxury position, I realise. I've got a few half-written journal entries that I will, at one point or another get back to.

"Feeling Like an Assassin," about my trip to Dubai.
"Who and What to Believe," about genetically modified foods, additives, preservatives and the lack of unbiased information.
"Escapism, Romance and Cowardice," about me wasting my time.
"Relationships," about me losing my friends.
"The Social Network," a film review.

And then I haven't really had a proper sit-down to do some reading lately. I waste my time in public transport dicking around with casual computer games on my phone, or reading up on MMA news (which really isn't all that educational and I could do without a little bit.) The only thing I'm happy with is pickup up Corrosion again. That's actually going well.

Anyway, more later.

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Journal Diving

I just found that searching around in my journal gives me a lot of insight into who I was and what was occupying me years ago. I've neglected this place in favour of Facebook and to a certain extent Twitter. The latter doesn't seem to be working for me on a conceptual level, so it's like a really low-threshold type of e-mail right now, and a way to listen in on the most inane thoughts of some of my friends. Facebook is probably a keeper, but I think I'll try and scale down my involvement there and try to provide more substance to this place. As always, I'll be catering mostly to myself and the handful of other people that sporadically check in, but I feel a lot better about it. And yeah, somebody needs to keep the Google spiders company.

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While it might seem… if I don't have much to say during the summer months, that's not entirely true. I have lots to say, just no desire to put in the work. I have about half a dozen unfinished journal posts waiting for me. Anyway, right now, a little more work, and then I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day.

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