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Queen’s Day

This year’s Queen’s day came and went again yesterday. I remember four years ago, as I walked out of central station in Amsterdam, having arrived there with Dennis, we saw these four helpless Japanese tourists looking for a hotel, dragging their lugguage behind them, wide eyed and mortified at what was happening. It seemed that somebody forgot to tell them what Queen’s day entails, or perhaps forgot to inform them altogether.

For those of you who don’t know, Queen’s day is sort of like Mardi Gras, mixed with a big garage sale, to celebrate the birthday of our Queen. It’s a national holiday, so everyone has the day off, and it’s a day where people, traditionally, sell all their old crap on the street. However, it’s slowly turned into a day in which everyone drinks and gets high, dancing in the streets. A day where everyone is everyone’s friend and, depending on the weather, everyone goes outside to have fun.

The weather was beautiful, but sadly my stomach was a bit upset, so I did no drinking or partying, but I did enjoy the day. Most of the day was spent at Sam’s, chilling and listening to the many boats going past on the canal in front of her apartment, with people on them, dancing, singing and listening to loud music. Walked around for a couple of hours with Evaand Frank, which was really very nice, seeing all the people so cheerful and happy. It really is an experience that I find very hard to put into words. I don’t do the coolness, and madness, of it all much justice with my words. It’s something to be experienced instead of talked about.

Days like these make me so happy to live here. This place is like no other place on earth.

This morning, as I was on my way home from Sam’s place, I saw the city…it was in ruin. The only people out were the city’s sanitation who were doing overtime, tourists who were trying to find their way to their hotel, wondering what happened to them the previous day, swearing that they’ll never drink that much again, or take that much X, and me. :)

Second Thoughts

I’m having second thoughts regarding the apartment that I saw on Tuesday. I think I’m too hung up on living in Amsterdam, and I should expand the scope of my search a little bit. More later.

New Apartment

Yesterday I went to look at an apartment that my father had stumbled upon through one of his contacts. It’s a top floor apartment (fourth floor) that’s about 50 to 70 square metres in a relatively nice part of western Amsterdam, at the Reinier Claeszenstraat. You can spot where I would live if you click on this map below, indicated by the [1]. It would be just outside the immediate centre, but close enough to everything to make it worth while.

Of course, there are a lot of catches. The owner of the building is a little dodgy, and it’s a bit more expensive than what I have now. The deposit is steep, and it would need some things, like a new floor; the purple/green carpet that’s all over the apartment really has to go. Like, really. The kitchen is oddly spacious, almost as big as the living room, but that could really use a cleaning. There’s a washing machine, a refridgerator, a bed, a small sofa, table, kitchen-table, closets and cupboards and that sort of things available, so it’s semi-furnished, which is excellent for me, since I don’t own a thing myself.

Until I get some form of contract – which I’m still not sure I’m getting – I’m going to take everything under close consideration.


I’ve been eating too much junkfood over the weekend. Hamburgers and french fries and milkshakes and crisps…my stomach feels like a bog at the moment. Ugh.

On the other hand, my friends and I had a wonderful dinner at Palladio on saturday night, with phenomenal food, wonderful service and excellent company. It was Dennis’ birthday two weeks ago, but the celebratory thing that usually accompanies a birthday was long overdue. So it was Dennis, SamRichardEdwin, Esther, Eva and Frank. Great time.