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Fuck. Worst attack yet. A ~20 minute K9 attack, starting at 06:30 in which I passed out briefly twice and had hallucinations. Then it tapered off to a K8 for another ~15 minutes.

The hallucinations were of my mother sitting at my bed-side in her bathrobe. She had a full head of hair, she looked healthy. Although she was smoking a cigarette. I’m so conflicted about all this. It was good to see my mother again I just wish it was under better circumstances.

Today, I’m going to talk to the doctor about getting an oxygen tank.

No, Not Stress Related

It’s remarkable to see how people are so eager to label a cluster headache as a stress related condition.

“Is it stress related?”
“No, there appears to be no correlation between stress and cluster headache attacks.”
“Do they know what causes it?”
“Not really, but there are strong indications that its a deviation of the hypothalamus, a gland in the brain that operates, among other things, the body clock. This is why the majority of people have them with frightening recurring timing, regularity and frequency, usually around the time of the equinox*…”
“Are you sure it’s not related to stress!?”

Unfortunately it simply isn’t that simple. I wish it was. In fact, I think most clusterheads would love for that to be the case because then the solution would be simple. Most people seem to think headaches in general are stress related, probably because tension headaches are strongly stress related. (I don’t know much about migraines to say whether they are or aren’t.) Also, whenever the symptoms or disease seems impossible to explain, people tend to think that the problems are psycho-somatic.