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Goa, Psy, Ambient, Psycore, Darkcore, etc.

Since discovering Juno Reactor‘s Beyond the Infinite album, recommended to me somewhere in the earlier 2000s by Pistons over on Dumpshock Forums, I’ve been listening more and more to various flavours of Goa, Psy, Psycore, Darkcore and Ambient music. My go-to sites for that are Digitally Imported Radio and Ektoplazm, the former a streaming radio station with many different styles of music, the latter a free to download music site that specialises in electronica. I’ve discovered gems like Lustmord, who does amazing dark ambient, several great ambient musicians like Steve Roach, Peter Namlook, Ian Boddy and┬áMax Corbacho, some obscure ambient stuff like Ionosphere, and too many goapsy groups and artists to name, with Cybernetika getting an honourable mention.

Some of this music, especially the Psycore and Dark Psy is probably not particularly easy listening, but it really seems to work for me in terms of, as Eva likes to call it, sitting-down-and-getting-things-done music.