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Tek & Dox

Some time ago, an old school friend who is making his career in films asked me to play a little part in a short film he was doing. Having no experience whatsoever, of course I agreed!

Here’s the result. I even end up in the credits, even though I only have half a second of screen time. It was fun but tedious; long periods of waiting in between short periods of activity. Another experience under the belt.

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 12: Favourite Love Story

The problem with finding a love story that I like — forget finding my favourite one — is that most love stories I like aren’t really love stories. They use love to jump start the story, like The CrowThe Fountain or some such. So my choice for this category is probably Good Will Hunting, a story that’s essentially a love story starring a hyper-intelligent but hyper-insecure and damaged kid. It’s about the love between Matt Damon’s character Will and Minnie Driver’s character Skylar. It’s about the love between Will and his therapist Sean (Robin Williams) and the love that Chuckie (Ben Affleck) has for him, too.

Sean: You feel like you’re alone?
Will: What?
Sean: Do you have a soul mate?
Will: Do I have a– Define that.
Sean: Somebody who challenges you.
Will: Uh, Chuckie.
Sean: No, Chuckie’s family. He’d lie down in fuckin’ traffic for you. I’m talking about someone who opens up things for you, touches your soul.

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 13: Favourite Chick Flick

Most chick flicks are pretty shit. They are too simple, too formulaic and therefore too predictable. At least, most of the romantic comedy films — and I count these among the chick flicks — are pretty terrible. Some romantic films are interesting, some period pieces are pretty good, but as you probably expected, I’m not a big fan.

I think my favourite chick flick is probably Jerry Maguire, but mostly because it’s also a bit of a bromance as well. Cuba Gooding is quite good in it. Hmm, I feel dissatisfied with this pick, but it’s all I’ve got.

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 11: Favourite Kid’s Movie

I hardly ever gone for the standard kid films. The films I liked when I was  young were things like Back to the Future and stuff like that, but I hardly ever watched stuff like The Goonies or something. I think the thing that comes the closest to something that would qualify is either The Toy with Richard Pryor or The Lost Boys if I stretch it. So, I think I’m going to stretch it, because I like The Lost Boys more than I liked The Toy. I mean, come on, it has the Corey’s in it!

The Lost Boys

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 10: Favourite Foreign Film

I suppose what is meant by this category is favourite non-English film. The one that comes to mind immediately is John Woo masterpiece The Killer, starring Chow Yuen-Fat and Danny Lee. It’s a story about an assassin who, while on a job, blinds an innocent girl. He decides to use his earnings to try and restore her vision while at the same time trying to get even with a crime boss that double crossed him. All the while, a driven police detective is hot on his trail, chasing him with a skill and zeal that matches his own. It’s a beautiful, late 80s film that shows John Woo’s true artistry. Set in a pre-handover Hong Kong which is atmospheric and enigmatic. I should really see this film again.