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Note to Self

I keep losing the link to this video, which seems to be rather singularly uploaded (under the wrong artist’s name (Marco DeMark, not Marco Denmark), so I’m posting it here, because I love it.

Also, somewhat related; I discovered Hol Baumann’s [Human] album, which is absolutely amazing. There are several tracks that blow me away, but this is probably my favourite:

The Crooked Kind, Radical Face

I heard you tellin’ lies
I heard you say you weren’t born of our blood
I know we’re the crooked kind
But you’re crooked too, boy, and it shows

Some get dealt simple hands
Some walk the common paths, all nice and worn
But all folks are damaged goods
It ain’t a talk of “if,” just one of “when” and “how”

So, collect your scars and wear ’em well
Your blood’s a good an ink as any
Go scratch your name into the clouds
And pull ’em all… down

The rest of the song is rather meh. But the first three verses really touch me for reasons I can’t quite put into words. It’s strange how sometimes the most unlikely music manages to appeal to you. I guess I feel like I pretend I’m not of the crooked kind.