Lifelessly v3.0

In this grey alley,
white shirt, golden tie, stained red
with my own blue blood,

solely surrounded
by acrid smelling garbage
and bitter concrete,

I feel exhausted,
as my head hangs lifelessly.
I can’t outrun him.

“I’ll get you small one.
My fav’rite prey you’ll become.”

In this neon light,
we will end this endless fight,
Credit-card defense.

A dumpster provides
support and solid comfort.
I rise to my feet.

Cold steel in my hand,
the semi-automatic
somehow comforts me.

My vision wavers.
One last kiss before it fades.
A tall man in black.

“And you want it all.
I will give you something more!”
One last kiss before

it all fades away.
I offer a silent scream,
and see the unseen.

I fall to my knees.
The smell of the garbage fades.
Death will always win.

2 comments on “Lifelessly v3.0

  1. DV8

    Oh yeah! :) Most certainly. Written when I was 14. Rewritten when I was about 18, which is the one you originally read. And I’ve rewritten it in haiku form because it reminded me so much of a particular song I’ve been listening to it a lot. Hence the v3.0. :)

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