In love…

I don’t know if it’s the weather, the season, my hormones or just plain ole chemistry, but I’ve managed to find myself in that familiar jam again; I’m in love.

I just spent the last five days with the most beautiful woman I can imagine, having the most interesting and stimulating conversations, experiencing the most wonderful moments and making the most exciting plans. And this time I didn’t have to drag her bound and gagged into my sound proof basement either.

I love you, Moulsari.

8 comments on “In love…

  1. Moulsari

    How to be on top of the world… …even when you’re in the Southern Hemisphere of the world:

    1. Be born the luckiest woman in the world.
    2. Find a gorgeous, beautiful Dennis.
    3. Serve warm and happy.

    I love you, Dennis.

  2. 3278

    It’s possible… …that you two are happier for yourselves than I am for you, but it’s not likely.

    Congratulations, both of you. I wish you the world.

    God. Another human being I need to meet. *sigh*

  3. Guest

    Its hormones. No, I know its not… you two are *much* too cute for it to be only that.

    Quick question though… why didn’t you drag her into the sound-proof basement anyways? ::grins::

  4. Guest

    Mmhmm… Well, if you dragged her into the basement anyways, then why did you write that… ::re-reads:: O……..

    Don’t mind me… I just think you two are much too cute for my good. Make me feel quietly ill and extremely happy for you as well. ;)

  5. Guest

    The FUCK? Holy shit. I forget this journal exists, and THIS fucking happens. You fucking bastards not letting the oblivious elf in on this sort of shit! Insert more threats due to my own ignorance! Etc!

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