Another Gym Annoyance – Power Plates

I don’t know if you’re completely familiar with the concept of a Power Plate, but basically it’s a vibrating slab on which you stand and the vibrations send impulses to your muscles to make them contract and expand rapidly. It’s supposed to be a good work out, and it won’t take you that much time and/or effort. It’s the newest thing in our gym, and a lot of people are doing it. I however, am not one of them.

You see, I think it like an easy way out. You do little and your supposed to get a lot, there’s something wrong with that deal although I haven’t figured out what it is yet. However, my major gripe is that the people who do need that work out, are encouraged to take the easy way out. Do we really want to encourage these people to be lazy?

2 comments on “Another Gym Annoyance – Power Plates

  1. Guest

    I just don’t agree!!! I know you’re waiting for my response on this topic, so OK, I’ll bite.

    You’re not supposed to use the Power Plate in stead of a work out, it’s just a completion. For example, I used to spend up to an hour and a half at the gym, I now take half an hour extra for the ‘vibrating slab’ as you tend to call it.

    I know you’re the kind of guy that likes to show off, and you do work hard, I can’t deny that. But maybe you should just try the Power Plate, I know you won’t regret it. It’ll save you a lot of muscular pains.

  2. DV8

    Aha! I just read in the newspaper that these things don’t do anything in the ways of muscle toning or building. It said it didn’t make any difference if you did the same excercises on the floor instead of the vibrating plate, it would still have the same results.

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