Everyone who knows me just a bit knows that I have notoriously light-sensitive eyes – though I have to admit that I’m getting more and more used to the light-induced headaches. I got these really cool sunglasses from a friend of mine called Josh. A pair of “DV8” sunglasses. They were a bit surfer-boy, but they kinda looked good on me.

I was very happy with these because I have a head that is shaped like a punching bag, and I have, like, the least favourable shape for sunglasses. All my life I have been looking for sunglasses that look reasonable on me. And to Eva’s great dismay I’ve hardly ever been able to find any. So, when I broke it almost exactly a year later, I was terribly upset. However…Josh was with me at the time – which is remarkable since he lives an ocean away – and he galantly offered me his other, similar though not identical pair of “DV8” sunglasses. Yay for me.

Now, I crashed my car. It had to be repaired. I always keep sunglasses in my car. I got my car back. I’m really happy. I can’t find my sunglasses.


So I called both the garages that my car has been at for the repairs. One of which says that they usually take stuff out of the car when it’s kept in their parking lot. That way nobody has a reason to break in. Good thinking. However, the guy who usually does that is on vacation. More days until I can get closure on this.

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  1. Guest

    DV8 shades Dude. I dunno if they’re still there, but Caz and I saw some o’ them cool DV8 shades here in Mad-town at the outdoor sport-y store.

    I don’t remember what yours looked like, but I bet there’s a pic of you with them on from Gathering 2001, yeah?

    You want me to look? Lemme know, ‘k?



  2. DV8

    Found’em! Thanks, Thorn. Perhaps one day, when I break these glasses, I’ll come to you for a favour. Sort of like in Godfather…

    “One day, I might come to you for a favour…now that day might never come…” etc. etc. :)

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