Weather Sense (Bullshit): 4(6)

So yesterday I told Jim that the swallows were flying low. He looked at me with an incredulous look, thinking I had taken a hit too many from the Bong of Existentialism. I told him that the reason swallows were flying low was because the static electricity in the air, caused by the friction between two pressure fronts was driving the insects they feed on to a lower altitude, and that said static electricity would most likely result in a thunderstorm. He thought I was bullshitting him, but this morning, around 5am, I smirked as I was woken by probably one of the worst thunderstorms to hit the Netherlands in a long time. :)

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    Dude, next time you get one of those amazing insights, fucking share, will ya?! I got caught in that thunderstorm and thought it might be time for elemental arc-building and sin-repenting 101.

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