Two Dead Dwarves

2nd day, 2nd ride, March, 1372 DR

Upon handing over our prisoner, whom I had to carry all the way to town because he got crippled during “interrogation,” we met Sir Ariton Delmis, the Commander of the Freedom Fighters. We got nicely paid for our efforts.

That evening we went to celebrate our earnings in the Broken Dagger, a seedy bar in town. The bar is run by a burly guy called Rogrimm, who, I’m sure, has orc-blood running through his veins. We met Thorim there, whose cousin Thordeck, twice removed, came busting in disrupting our evening, saying “they got him.” He, as well as a member of Thorim’s family were attacked on top of Eagle’s Eerie, a plateau with a shrine to Dumathoin on the ridge overlooking the city, during evening prayers. A small group was attacked by wolves, which is improbable, and Thordeck – was saved by fleeing into the shrine and following the catacomb tunnels into town.

We spent the rest of the evening inspecting the battleground at Eagle’s Eerie. I thought it was relatively useless. Two dead dwarves…who cares? The two dwarves were found by Roland and Abel while I was long back at the Teshford Arms enjoying a drink. They were stuffed in a gully, horribly defaced.

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