Cradle 2 the Grave

Cradle 2 the Grave [2003]

Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Actor: DMXJet LiMark Dacascos

The first thing I like about this film is that Jet Li doesn’t look very good. He looks normal. Not exceptionally fey, or stylised…he just looks like Jet Li. Like he’s actually the fourty years of age he is.

The second thing is that he didn’t have the lead role; that was reserved for DMX, and though he’s not much of an actor, I think he did very well. I think he could actually become a half-way decent actor in the near future.

The third thing I liked about this film is that it has Mark Dacascos in it. I think that every film should have Mark Dacascos in it, just like every film should have Bruce Campbell in it and have the score be done by Graemme Revel.

The fourth thing I liked about this film was Tom Arnold. His comments, among other things, made this film really funny to watch. For those who play Shadowrun, Tom Arnold plays a really cool Fixer.

The fifth thing I liked about this film, is that it was such a Shadowrun flick. We were all sitting there, in the cinema going; “Oh, Mark Dacascos just used up all his Karma Pool by climbing out of that burning helicopter, he’s so going to lose against Jet Li’s superior Combat Pool.”

So yeah, fun fun fun flick.

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