Terminator 3

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [2003]

Director: Jonathan Mostow
Actor: Arnold SchwarzeneggerNick StahlClaire DanesKristanna LokenMoon Bloodgood

Okay, I admit it, I laughed pretty fucking hard when I saw Ahnuld “talk to the hand,” and I really enjoyed all the new visions of the future, and I even like the plotline of the film – although it was really fucking thin. I liked the casting of Stahl as John Conner – even though he has something…whiny over him – and I like Claire Danes’ character, because she seems so straight laced, and an unlikely lieutenant to the great John Conner. Until, of course, she picks up a full automatic assault rifle. I also loved looking at Kirstanna Loken. Loved it!

But the story was too meager to warrant a movie. It was like…like a short story instead of a novel, you know? I fucking hate short stories, they’re not meaty enough for me, and even though I can get over the fact that the Terminator is an aging mainstream action movie icon, I want my films to have some substance! I mean, it wasn’t like I was watching Chicago, but still…

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