The Italian Job

The Italian Job (2003) [2003]

Director: F. Gary Gray
Actor: Mark WahlbergCharlize TheronDonald SutherlandJason StathamSeth GreenMos DefEdward Norton

I liked this film. Oh yes, I did. The people I went to see it with, notably Sam, didn’t like it at all. I don’t care about her opinion. It’s obviously wrong when they blow the pavement out from under an armoured truck in order to have it drop down into a subway tunnel. There has to be something wrong with Sam’s opinion don’t you think? I do. :)

Sure, the acting is pretty appaling. Mos Def’s pretty good, Seth Green basically plays himself…but the rest is pretty fucking bad. But that’s the thing…that’s not a problem when you’ve got people driving tuned Mini Coopers through the stormdrains. At that moment, it’s all you need. This film is the equivalent of a good beach read. Definitely worth the 2 hours you’ll waste of your life.

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