6 comments on “Fever Ray – When I Grow Up

  1. DV8

    It looks as if she’s summoning a Spirit of Water from that pool. It would’ve been even cooler if they had done a little bit more with that near the end.

  2. DV8

    Interestingly enough, according to [url=http://www.pedestrian.tv/blogs/view/2071/fever-ray-when-i-grow-up.htm]this website[/url], the director said the following;
    [quote=Martin de Thurah]That initial idea was something about something coming out of water – something which was about to take form – a state turning into something new. And a double headed creature not deciding which where to turn.[/quote]

  3. Big Jim

    So if not Shadowrun, I wonder what his influence is. Each element isn’t unique to Shadowrun, but everything together it’s really close.

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