Website Changes

With the recent Shadowrun: Corrosion project taking up a lot of my time I’ve been looking for an easier, more dynamic way to keep my online journal. Initially, my entire website was just a playground for me to try different bits of code on, coding new ideas and figuring out how new development techniques worked. I created the entire backbone of the site on PHP, based on some (seriously flawed) ideas and it served me well for a while. In the end, the amount of time that went into building new things, keeping other things up and running, and keeping the site up with the times, were taking away from what I considered more important things. So when I was doing some freelance work and got to know WordPress a little better, I wondered why I had put all that time and effort into developing my own Content Management System to begin with and decided that it was best to make the switch. I imported all the old content as best as I could and discontinued the old part of my website. Hopefully, this will free up enough of my time in order to focus more on current projects instead of sticking too much time into old ones.

Anyway, here we are.

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