30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 2: Least Favourite Film

So I decided to cheat and do a few posts per day. :)

The least favourite film I’ve ever seen is not an easy one to name because there have been so many that I didn’t like. I suppose that the least favourite film should have the least redeeming qualities; bad acting, shitty editing, lousy story, etc. Unfortunately, if it really would have been that bad I simply would’ve switched it off and not watched more of it. So instead of picking my least favourite, I’ll pick the one that was the most disappointing to me.

No matter how you set up your film as a film maker, there has to be some consistency. If you tell us that women can fly and men can eat stone, then fine, but then within those rules and convines remain consistent. That was the reason why I was so incredibly disappointed in the film Revolver by Guy Ritchie. I had pretty high expectation of Ritchie’s work after Lock, Stock… and Snatch, but it wasn’t just that he didn’t deliver with Revolver, but rather that after twenty minutes I thought I had gotten stuck in a David Lynch film without the internal consistency of a Lynch film that helps you suspend your disbelief. Revolver was probably supposed to be mysterious, but instead it was just frustrating. The acting was terrible and one dimensional and it couldn’t be saved by veterans Ray Liotta or Mark Strong.

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