The Future

5th day, 2nd ride, April, 1372 DR

After our crazy fight with the werewolves in the Border Forest, we finally made it back to Dagger Falls in the late afternoon. Abel decided to swing by the garrison immediately to report while I first made a stop at Dulwar’s to drop of the half plate we lifted off the Zhent a few days prior. He said he’d fit it for me for fifteen gold pieces and would require two days — his work was backing up so he didn’t have as much time. That’s also probably the reason why his prices are so damned high! That cut-throat!

To be fair to Dulwar, he’s a smith and a leatherworker, produces some fine quality and in this strange town filled with strange people, he’s quickly becoming a welcome face in my day. Abel is a good fellow, I appreciate his intellect and wit, and he makes for a remarkable conversational partner, but other than him, I don’t know if I’d choose to spend any time with any of the others. So far Dulwar and Abel are the only ones I truly appreciate, though Roland is rubbing off on me a little bit I admit.

After joining Abel at the garrison we had a short conversation with Sir Ariton Delmis, trying to decide our next move. I’ve been feeling particularly restless of late. Staying in Dagger Falls was never a long term endeavour and I have written before how Heron still occupies my ambitions. I decided I’d stay if it made sense — financial or otherwise — and Sir Delmis wasn’t really helping me make my decisions. The jobs he came up with were stale (more patrols) or laughable (finding a missing tax collector, which I refuse to do.) I asked him about the tower that stands in Dagger Falls and why it isn’t occupied, hoping to find a job there. Unfortunately, much to my surprise, Sir Delmis told us that the tower was cursed and that there was little to be done there. We decided to sleep on it.

In the mean time, Roland had taken care of our lodgings at the Teshford Arms and even managed to get us a sizable discount from Olavia in return for a performance of his. I have to admit that I slept through most of it, not because it wasn’t good, mind you, but because the hearth was warm, my stomach was full, and I hadn’t enjoyed the comfort of a cozy inn for almost a ride. During the evening a girl woke me and asked me if I wanted some company. I’m not in the habit of attracting girls with my roguish good looks so I was suspicious of her sincerity. I tried to make light of it by telling her that she wouldn’t be able to handle Abaddon’s fury and she left me to my nap. Hours later I woke up in an empty inn, cold and dark, and I went upstairs to find my room. Much to my surprise Abel was still awake, studying the potions and scrolls we had lifted from the Zhents. He showed me some of the new things he discovered and while I disapproved of his frivolous use of such powerful magicks, I was too hungry for my bed to object.

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