7th day, 2nd ride, April, 1372 DR

We’ve all decided that we’ll need to check the Marron angle again. Considering the man’s reclusive nature, as well as the rumours of his dog-fights, it seems like a distinct possibility that he knows more about the werewolves of the Border Forest. Abel and Ebon have volunteered to go to the Broken Dagger, the roudy tavern in Dagger Falls run by that blasted half-ork, in order to inquire about the fights. Ebon they don’t know yet and blends in with that crowd much better than Abel does, and yet I hardly recognised him by the time he was done disguising himself. I have to admit there’s a deviousness to that young man that’s hard to deny.

When they returned they had good news. They had been invited to come to the fights the following night. It was decided that only they would go and not risk exposing them by following them to the get-together. We’d have to trust in their abilities to handle themselves, which doesn’t always sit well with me.

When we were all ready to retire, we found someone in Abel’s room going through his things. After battering the door down and confronting the person, my veins ran cold with ice as the man standing in Abel’s bedroom on the second floor of the Teshford Arms was a long deceased spirit, dark as night and not quite material! He had taken the two orbs that we had retrieved from Dalian’s tomb and after ignoring several of our attacks, retreated through the window and out into the night.

It troubles me that this has been the second spell of negative attention we’ve received as a result of Dalian’s tomb. That which is dead should be left to lie undisturbed. Ebon’s curse, and now this. I had a hard time falling asleep that night, retracing events at the tomb and making sure I hadn’t taken anything from that place that could come back to haunt me — literally.

The following morning, I spoke to Olavia about the broken door and promised I’d have someone come in that day to repair it. It would have been easy to suggest that her security was lacking and that we prevented this person from pilfering more items from not just Abel but also other guests. Instead of her being grateful of preventing any further robbery and volunteering to take on the costs for the door, Olavia continued being a bitter and dried up old cunt. I don’t much like her and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for any opportunity to leave that horrid place.

I found a carpenter in Dagger Falls by the name of Landon who will come in that very day and put a new door in Abel’s room. Labour and material costs are three gold pieces. Another thing of note is that it seems that Landon is one of the few humans in Dagger Falls who has no problem with the Brightblade clan.

Having a consecrated place of worship in the hills outside of Dagger Falls, I decided to go up there to perform my daily ritual of prayer to Abaddon. To my surprise Roland asked if he could join in paying respects to Him. It’s a bit of a hike, especially with my leg, but Abaddon tells us not to suffer, but to endure. Roland and I greeted the cloudy morning with prayer.

The rest of the day went by rather uneventfully. Abel and Ebon went to the dog fights in the woods and I spent my time in the Red Rock tavern where Roland performed. Roland did magnificently, though he lost me about halfway through the rather lengthy performance about Waukeen when I spotted a curious pin on Kessla. It took me a moment to identify it, because I was sure I had seen that pin before.

It all started when I realised that for a crowded tavern, Kessla had no security at the door to kick the boys out when they got to rowdy. I wondered then if she had some other tricks up her sleeve. When I payed attention to her I noticed the pin. A tiny little trinket of silver and gold. A Harper pin. Kessla is a Harper!

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