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  1. Jim

    The face isn’t quite right at times, but it’s pretty close. And it’s pretty awesome to hear the message again, but I really don’t like using the message as part of an advertising campaign.

    Is this what we’re all destined for? Having our messages deconstructed and then reconstituted for advertising campaigns?

    1. DV8 Post author

      Yeah, it’s sad. I would’ve liked the video even more if it had been a promo to sell China as a tourist destination. And even more if it had been a graduation project for the Beijing University VFX class of ’13. But I do believe that Johnnie Walker shot themselves in the foot with this one. Who the fuck cares that it’s Johnnie Walker when everyone is just gobsmacked and paying attention to Bruce Motherfucking Lee.

      And to be honest, I think the face is pretty much perfect. A little heavier with age, but still with those characteristic eyes and that cocky smile.

      1. Jim

        I think there are two differences:
        1. The BMW product featured prominently in the shorts – it’s about the car he’s driving throughout each of them.
        2. Clive Owen was just a character. Certainly one that people identify with, but still a character. Here, it’s not about Bruce Lee as a character in a story – it’s him as a person (granted, that’s a slightly blurred line) as well as his philosophy (which they then warp). It’s like CGIing Gandhi and having him preach non-violence in an Indian add for Verizon or something.

  2. Tiny DV8

    They didn’t make him say anything like “Buy Johnny Walker, and be like me!” but they’re just showing off. Don’t see how this is a big deal, except for amazing animation quality.

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