What is Wrong With Our Culture?


Another confronting video that hits me like a truck, not because I didn’t know these things, but because I am guilty of a few. Certainly not the materialism, but surely other things. My brain tries to convinces me to go for the lowest hanging fruit of entertainment sometimes, too. Be the change you want to see in the world? Put a bomb underneath what you know? I wouldn’t know where to start, but I’ve found the wire, and I’m trying to follow it back to the detonator.

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  1. Moulsari

    (I read a transcript instead of watching the video. Impatient much.)

    I was having this conversation today: How so many people seem to be going through a vast change at the moment, or at the precipice of imminent change, and people feel anxiety and stress and many feel homesick and just want a break from it all. Well, I found myself suggesting that maybe the fast-paced life we lead as the world gets smaller and we have more and more available to us on the internet, saving us the time to actually have real experiences with our physical bodies and senses, and instead simply recreate them in our own minds and imaginations, is finally (already?) catching up to us, because it’s not natural, it’s not what the human being is meant to do, the real life sensory experiences are the real purpose of our lifetimes, to collect knowledge and to learn and to face ourselves in the context of our environment, but the natural one which is based on universal truths and balance, rather than the artificial ones we create that come loaded with side-effects and unexpected new problems. Recreating life in our own minds does not ultimately help us live a life of experiences, it only removes us further and further away from reality, and leaves us feeling frustrated and homesick, because home is the last place we felt the physical sensations that are deeply embedded in our memories.

    I’ve probably digressed from the point of the video, but the message in this video triggered the above thought.

    1. DV8 Post author

      There must have been other points in our past where we’ve felt much the same way. The introduction of electricity, radio, steam engines, etc. Lots of people must have felt the same way at those points simply because they suddenly had more to think and worry about than just their immediate surroundings. Our perception reaches so much further now. But the general disease (dis ease) that continues, where we anaesthetise ourselves is likely to be a direct result of so much worry.

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