The Verdant Kingdoms – Pantheons

The cultures of the Verdant Kingdoms are varied, and so are the gods the people worship. Below is a description of each of the occurring patheons, their gods, portfolio’s, alignments, symbols and their suggested cleric domains. Where necessary there might be some notes on the way the gods are worshiped, or where.

The Verdant Pantheon

Beauclair, Lyria and parts of Silesia share the largest pantheon of gods. Below is a small selection of the most important ones. There are many more.

Verdant Pantheon (Beauclair, Lyria and Silesia)
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Paladine guardians, order LG War Silver triangle
Pholtus sun, light, healing LG Light, Life Sun
Chauntea agriculture NG Nature Cornucopia
Sedna water, rivers, lakes NG Nature, Water Five Fishes
Tymora fortune CG Trickery Coin
Mystra magic CG Arcana, Knowledge Star
Raven Queen death, fate LN Death Black Feather
Ioun knowledge, craft, skill N Knowledge Eye
Silvanus nature N Nature Oak Leaf
Tharizdun chaos, change CN Trickery Flame
Takhisis ambition, hatred LE Death Black Crescent
Bane tyranny, terror LE War Clenched Fist
Baal murder, destruction NE Death, Tempest Skull
Belial lies, greed CE Trickery Forked tongue
Beshaba misfortune CE Trickery Antlers
Dagon sea CE Tempest, Water Tentacle
Paladine and Takhisis are siblings. They are both also known as Bahamut and Tiamat, or the platinum and chromatic dragon. In that form they are also worshiped by dragons and the dragonborn.

The Æsir, the Northern Pantheon

The northern countries of Miðgarður, Hellmark and Fintra worship a set of deities who are closely aligned with nature, oftentimes brash, tempestuous and impulsive. They are called the Æsir.

Northern Pantheon (Miðgarður, Hellmark, Fintra)
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Heimdall watchfulness, loyalty LG Light, War Curling musical horn
Odin knowledge, war NG Knowledge, War Watching blue eye
Baldur beauty, poetry NG Life, Light Gem-encrusted silver chalice
Freya birth, fertility, love, motherhood NG Life Falcon
Odur light, sun CG Light Solar disk
Thor storms, thunder CG Tempest Warhammer
Tyr courage, justice, strategy LN Knowledge, War Sword
Forseti law N Light Head of a bearded man
Hermod luck CN Trickery Winged scroll
Uller hunting, winter CN Nature Longbow
Skadi earth, mountains N Nature Mountain peak
Surtur fire giants, war LE War Flaming sword
Aegir sea, storms NE Tempest Rough ocean waves
Hel underworld NE Death Woman’s face, rotting on one side
Loki thieves, trickery CE Trickery Flame
Thrym frost giants, cold CE War White double-bladed axe

The Tuatha Dé Danann

In Kaedwyn the gods are considered legendary people who long ago ascended to immortality and godhood. They are called the Tuatha Dé Danann, or Tribe of Gods, who long ago roamed the lands.

Tuatha Dé Danann
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Dian Cecht medicine, healing LG Life Crossed oak and mistletoe branches
Belenus sun, light, warmth NG Light Standing stones
Oghma speech, writing, knowledge NG Knowledge Scroll
An Dagda fertility, weather, harvest, strength, magic, druids, wisdom CG Nature, Knowledge Bubbling cauldron
Lugh arts, travel, commerce, oaths, truth, law LN Knowledge, Life Pair of long hands
Nuada war, warriors N War Silver hand on black background
The Three Morrígna
Macha conquest, rulership, domination LE War Two crossed spears
Badhbh battle, death, fate, doom NE Death Crow
Nemain havoc, frenzy, slaughter CE Tempest Fang

Monotheism of the Daerlan Empire and Mazuria

In the Daerlan Empire and Mazuria most people are monotheistic and follow Deus. Silesia is generally also considered monotheistic, but it is much more diverse and accepting of other beliefs.

Monotheism (The Daerlan Empire, Mazuria, Silesia)
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Deus Good G Life, Light, Nature, Knowledge, Forge Two hands in the sign of the aquila
Asmodeus Evil E Death, Trickery, Tempest, War Bloody pentagram
There are aspects of good and evil that some people pay homage to, but those are represented by angels and demons in service of Deus and Asmodeus.

The Aspects

Southern-West Lyria, is the home to a belief system which originates from beyond the southern sea and somehow suits the people that live it its distinct arid climate. Established generations ago by a group of travelers whose passage can only be felt by the gods they left behind. The aspects are like gods in the way that someone can have a personal relationship with them, but they rarely have anthropomorphised character traits and personalities like most gods from other pantheons seem to have. They represent more forces, elements or ideals that can be

The Aspects (Cypria, Arroyo and Càrceres)
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Aspect of Light sun LG Light Dove-headed female
Aspect of Love love, music, motherhood NG Life Swan-headed female
Aspect of Nature nature CG Nature Stag-headed male
Aspect of Craft crafts LN Knowledge Fox-headed male
Aspect of Knowledge knowledge N Knowledge Owl-headed female
Aspect of Luck luck CN Trickery Cat-headed female
Aspect of War war LE War, Death Lion-headed male
Aspect of Deceit deceit NE Trickery Cobra-headed female
Aspect of Tempest storms CE Tempest Eagle-headed male

The Old Gods

The old gods are hard to describe. To those who worship them, mostly wildermen in the south-east of the Verdant Kingdoms, and the szygani that roam the lands and swear no fealty to anyone but their family, they are more like forces than actual personalities. They have no real names, but people who worship them still have a close, personal relationship with them. They are called the Čhonči, or the moons.

The Old Gods, Čhonči (Neutral, Szygani)
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Lačhi (Lačhin, Lačhi Čhon) good NG Life, Light A white disk
Maškar (Mačhan, Maškar Čhon) neutrality N Arcana, Knowledge, Nature A red disk
Nasul (Nasčhon, Nasul Čhon) evil NE Ambition, Death, Trickery, War A black disk with a purple rim
There are aspects of good, evil and neutrality that some people pay homage to, but those are represented by spirits and demons in service to that alignment.

The Elder Pantheons

The elder races have pantheons of their own. Below are some of the elven and dwarven gods. Their pantheons are small, but have many demi-gods who are usually legendary figures who became champions to one of the gods and were awarded for their deeds with ascension.

The Seldarine

Elven Pantheon
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Corellon Larethian art, magic CG Arcana, Light Starburst
Aerdrie Faenya air, sky CG Tempest, Trickery Bird silhouette
Hanali Celanil love, beauty, art CG Life Golden heart
Sehanine Moonbow dreams, death, travel CG Death, Knowledge, Light Crescent moon
Labelas Enoreth time, history, philosophy CG Arcana, Knowledge Setting sun
Rillifane Rallathil nature, beasts, seasons CG Nature Oak tree
Solonor Thelandira archery, hunting, survival CG Nature, War Silver arrow with green fletching
Naralis Analor healing LN Life Shield with white dove
Erevan Ilesere mischief, change CN Trickery Asymmetrical starburst
Dark Seldarine
Lolth drow, spiders, assassins, darkness CE Trickery Spider
Vhaeraun arrogance, thieves CE Trickery, War Black mask
Kiaransalee undead CE Arcana, Death Drow hand with silver rings
Knowledge of the drow and the Dark Seldarine pantheon is very limited even among the elves.

The Morndinsamman

Dwarven Pantheon
Deity Portfolio Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Moradin creation LG Knowledge Hammer and anvil
Berronar Truesilver hearth, home LG Life Two interlocking silver rings
Clanggedin Silverbeard war LG War Crossed axes
Gorm Gulthyn vigilance LG War Bronze mask
Marthammor Duin wanderers NG Nature, Trickery Mace and boot
Dugmaren Brightmantle invention, discovery CG Knowledge Open book
Haela Brightaxe luck, battle CG War Flaming sword
Dumathoin undermountain, secrets, death N Death, Knowledge Mountain silhouette with a central gemstone
Vergadain luck, wealth, commerce N Trickery Gold coin
Hanseath festivity, brewing, song CN Trickery, War Beer stein
Laduguer duergar, magic, craft LE Arcana, Death Broken arrow
Abbathor greed NE Trickery Jeweled dagger
Duerra conquest CE Arcana, War Cracked skull

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