An Empty Weekend

Recently I made mention of the fact that I had burned through a lot of my social bandwidth lately, so I decided that I would go training on Friday, have a naughty beverage at HPS afterwards and then have a quiet weekend. It was a success. On Saturday I did some groceries in the morning, having gotten up bright and early (a rarity for Saturdays following an evening at HPS). The rest of the morning was spent writing on the game that I’m going to be running.

In the afternoon, the rest of my gaming group came over and we gamed until the early evening. Then Moulsari came over, we ate together and watched the remainder of Wild Wild Country. The following day I spent writing and gaming until Joasia came back from Poland. We briefly watched something together and called it a day.

I haven’t had a quiet weekend like that in ages and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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