Birthday Celebration

Today was my birthday. Yesterday as well as the day before yesterday, colleagues had their birthday, too. So when I got to work, and the others had brought a shit-ton of birthday cake, I was really glad that I managed to convince my friend Alina (of Solid Cocktails fame) to make me a bunch of boozy bonbons. They cake came in the morning, and I treated everyone to the bonbons in the late afternoon. They were very well received.

My work is pretty challenging at the moment because I had two new team members start today. This meant I had to welcome them, guide them, set them up and get them started on a project. All new managerial tasks for me. Luckily, both guys were excellent sports and they hit the ground running. Really happy.

Last night, Joasia and I ate at Gebroeders Hartering again, which was absolutely lovely. Today, lots of people messaged me, so I felt quite fortunate. Jody sang for me, Moulsari sang for me, Eva, Scott, Lucie and Minna sang for me. Made me feel loved.

Later this week Jim is going to come over, and we’re planning to have some birthday drinks at House Bar. Thomas, who runs the bar, agreed to make me two different birthday punches for the people I’ve invited. A group of us are going to have dinner at The Beefsteak Club beforehand, and hopefully we’ll do something fun afterwards. Maybe Club NYX. Would be fun.

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