Natural Charisma

It’s interesting when you meet someone with natural, undeniable charisma. Last week I was invited to a party at the house of one of Joasia’s acquaintances in Exeter.

The previous night I had gone a little overboard celebrating the release of our new software with my colleagues and afterwards had some food with Robin and Mounir at Rum Barrel. During our stay there, Sam joined us with a lady friend, and we got bombarded with different rum drinks. Needless to say, the following morning, when I flew to Exeter, I was feeling a little rough. I picked up some limoncello to bring to the party; to cure that which ails you, you need a hair of the dog that bit you, as they say.

Anyway, the acquaintance is a mathematician at the university of Exeter, and as a result there were a lot of really cool, smart people at the party. Number theorists, lecturers in logic and the like. Luckily, I wasn’t the dumbest person in the room for a change, since there were also a few civilians at the party, like myself.

One of them was a Scottish neighbour by the name of Keith, and from the moment he walked in, he and I were chatting. He was a bit older and confident, and impressively charming. He was a radio broadcaster and unsurprisingly had a way with words.

We shot the shit, and I couldn’t rightly tell you what it was that we chatted about, but the conversation and the limoncello went well together and helped me forget about my mild hangover. It’s unlikely I’ll ever meet Keith again, but he’ll go down as my single evening man crush of 2018.

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