Travel Across the Verdant Kingdoms

The Verdant Kingdoms have been populated by humans for several thousand years, and by the elder races for much longer than that. In that time they’ve built roads, cities, villages, castles and strongholds. Travel between them can vary in ease. Here’s a quick rule of thumb to determine how easy it is to travel from place to place. All of these are estimations which assume easy terrain.

Type Avg. Lg/Hr Max. Lg/Day Short rest per… Tot. Time/Day Tot. Lg/Hr
Adult 1 lg 8 lg 4 lg 9 hr 0,9/hr
Army 1 lg 8 lg 4 lg 9 hr 0,9/hr
Raven 5 lg 50 lg 10 hr 5/hr
Horse, walk 1 lg 16 lg 8 lg 17 hr 0,9/hr
Horse, trot 3 lg 24 lg 6 lg 12 hr 2/hr
Horse, canter 5 lg 20 lg 5 lg 8 hr 2,5/hr
Horse, gallop 8 lg 16 lg 4 lg 6 hr 2,7/hr
Ship, merchant 2 lg 30 lg 16 hr 1,9/hr
Ship, war 3 lg 45 lg 16 hr 2,8/hr
Ship, reaver 4 lg 60 lg 16 hr 3,8/hr


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