2 comments on “Justified – We Dug Coal Together

  1. Jim

    I really enjoy Justified, and this tends to be my go-to show when I’m traveling.
    I wish the audio levels on that video were more consistent, that’s a bit frustrating.
    Something I’ve always found interesting about these compilations (and this one is no different) is they focus on “we dug coal” together as the defining narrative between Raylan and Boyd but ignore the fact that Raylan leverages that connection point in the last episode to reinforce the lie he’s just told about Ava. So it’s not this clear cut bond between the two of them that overrides everything.
    Anyway, I really enjoy Justified and happy to talk about it whenever!

    1. Dennis Post author

      It’s definitely Boyd’s fantasy and not Raylan’s. But Boyd is such a tragic and lovable character that people tend to overlook how he got played by Raylan. I do, though, feel like there is something of a friendship that Raylan feels for him. Maybe not clear from that scene, but definitely clear from the entire series.

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