Lyrian Rivers


Lyria has thousands of brooks, rivers, rivulets, streams and tributaries. These are the well known, large waterways.


Baugh, a small river in Ashenvale that flows from the west into the Lyrian Gulf at Wulferton.

Bourne, springs in the east, and flows into the Lyrian Gulf, picking up small streams along the way, dividing the Riverlands on the northern bank from Fairfields on its southern bank.

Bray, flows past Brayford and is a tributary for the river Bourne.

Dirk, a small river in Westershire that flows from the west into the Lyrian Gulf at Kenton.

Dunan, a small river in Dunashire flowing into the Lyrian Gulf from the east at Dunagore.

Ivel, a river in the eastern part of Lyria that flows into the Lyrian gulf at Eastray, where it has turned into a swampy delta due to the strange underwater embankments off the coast preventing a free flow from the estuary.

Lea, a tributary that flows into the Ivel from the north, dividing Fairfields to the north from Eastmarsh to the south.

Lyn, large river coming from the border with the Daerlan Empire in the north, flowing into the Lyrian Gulf at Kingsport. It separates the Plans of Strife from the Elder Foothills and the Tiverton Glades from Northshire.

Polivar, large river starting in the north-west, flowing into the Lyrian Gulf at Blue Harbour, dividing the Tiverton Glades along its northern shores from Ashenvale on its southern shores. It has two tributaries; the Lovar coming in from the east, and the Monk coming in from the north at Hungerford.

Tamar, small tributary that flows from the Riverlands in the north, past Green Orchard and into the river Bourne.

Teign, springs in the north-eastern Silverpine Hills, close to Silesia, flows through the Riverlands, past Blackbridge and into the river Bourne at Egremont.

Trident, a river with three sources coming from the north, travelling south before pouring into the river Lyn, dividing the Silverpine Hills and Riverlands on its eastern bank from the Plains of Strife to the north and northshire on its western bank.

Wye, a small river in Fulham, flowing into the Lyrian Gulf from the east at Fulcaster.


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