Master Angler Closing Ceremony Speech

The speech of Queen Isabella at the start of the closing ceremony of the Royal Master Angler Competition on Tenth Day, First Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262:

Twenty-five years ago, my grandfather, Prince Amrand, passed away. All who knew him, knew that he was an avid fishermen. He founded the Kingsport Angler’s Association, a club of fishing enthusiasts from all walks of life. From the most exalted of nobility, to the lowliest commoner; all found a kinship in their love for fishing, and all held proficiency in angling to be the highest achievable goal.

The Kingsport Angler’s Association ceased to be after my grandfather passed away. One year later, my grandmother, Queen Marrianne, decided there was no better way to honour my grandfather than to hold this competition in his memory. The angler’s association was reborn, and I am proud to say that after all these years, it is still going strong, and still sees fierce competition.

This year started off with thirty-one teams, each vying for the title of master angler, and the prizes for the best catches. The goal was to catch and present the heaviest of the lightning eel, from the rivers in Eastmarsh, the Ghost Fin Albacore, found along the treacherous Darkshore of Southernhay, and the hardy Rockplate Catfish, only found in the icy streams of Ard Thoradun. Whoever can present them and have the highest combined weight, will win this year’s title!

The catches will be judged by the master of the angler’s association. Present your catches, and may the gods look upon your teams in favour.

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