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Weather Sense (Bullshit): 4(6)

So yesterday I told Jim that the swallows were flying low. He looked at me with an incredulous look, thinking I had taken a hit too many from the Bong of Existentialism. I told him that the reason swallows were flying low was because the static electricity in the air, caused by the friction between two pressure fronts was driving the insects they feed on to a lower altitude, and that said static electricity would most likely result in a thunderstorm. He thought I was bullshitting him, but this morning, around 5am, I smirked as I was woken by probably one of the worst thunderstorms to hit the Netherlands in a long time. :)

Mobile Phone

During my birthday weekend (look for a post about that soon!) I managed to demolish my 4 year old mobile phone. I also found out that the subscription I had for it was basically a big rip-off, and I now have what is known in the industry as a SIM-only subscription, which I believe will be a lot cheaper for me. I had to buy a new phone, which are expensive as all hell, so the savings will be welcome ones.

I bought a Sony Ericsson K750i, to replace my demolished phone.


I’m having some serious second thoughts about the apartment, but I’ve decided that I’m too late in the game to not take it. I’ve got a month’s notice, and I really need to have something. I might be able to stay in the house I’m in right now for another few weeks, perhaps months, but it can be sold at any moment, and I’d rather leave before that happens than have to leave when it does. Sure, sure, I have rights, but the landlord happens to be a good friend of mine and I don’t want to be a bother. We have always handled things regarding his house with the friendship and trust that comes from our relationship, and I don’t want to fuck anything up by being difficult at the last minute. So yeah, I need to have an apartment. My father has been looking at other things, and if he finds something better I’ll definitely switch. But…this means I don’t feel very motivated to start moving, or even to start redecorating the apartment I already have.

Veed and Lin have arrived two days ago, and mostly things have been quiet. I’ve been working so we really only have been spending time during the evenings, and I’ve been so beat that I don’t think I’ve been terribly good company, and hardly a good host. Well, I’m not really “hosting” anything, considering how they’ve been out buying groceries, and doing dishes, and stuff like that. To think that Veed gave up the Roskilde festival for this. *shame*

Today Flak arrives at 17:35, and Tease arrives at 19:50. Then tomorrow Jim arrives at 9:15 while Jan will show up around 9 as well. Orchestrating this many people would be a lot easier if I knew what I would be doing with my apartment. If I’m going to leave it soon, I really don’t want to use it at all. I want to leave it untouched and return it as I got it, but that might simply not be an option.


How the hell can you work at a company for six fucking years and still not know the most rudimentary elements of the system you develop and sell!? How the fuck can you make a mistake that is likely going to cause us tremendous credibility loss, and quite possibly, legal trouble!? How can you sit there and say you didn’t know and pretend like it’s not your fault!?

You asshole!