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Phone Booth

Phone Booth [2002]

Director: Joel Schumacher
Actor: Colin FarrellKiefer SutherlandForest WhitakerKatie Holmes

Colin Farrel plays a shady publicist-bordering-on-conman Stu. He wheels, he deals, he tries to make people famous, and he makes a lot of money doing it. He has connections all the way up and down on Broadway, and he does most of his business from his celular phones.

Stu has a little thing for one of the actresses he has been trying to pimp off on the local casting agencies. She’s young, she’s cute…she’s fuckable. So he’s been trying to get her to sleep with him for the past however long. Every day, he calls her, from a phone booth 8th Ave and he has gotten the attention of a vigilante sniper, who keeps him in the phone booth and threatens to kill him if he hangs up the phone.

It’s remarkably like Liberty Stands Still [2002] with Wesley Snipes, Linda Fiorentino and Oliver Platt. Wesley Snipes did a better job as the sniper, but Colin Farrel did a better job as the hostage. Forest Whitaker, I’m almost afraid to say it, didn’t really do a good job as the police captain in charge at all.

The universe must be off.


Daredevil [2003

Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Actor: Ben AffleckJennifer GarnerColin FarrellMichael Clarke DuncanJon FavreauJoe Pantoliano

Though I enjoyed the movie, I only did so on a very superficial level. It seems to ride on the coat-tails of X-Men, like so many other films. I had the same problem with this film as I did with Spiderman, which was enjoyable, just a bit too comic-book-ee.

Ben Afleck does things well, though he seems to have lost a bit of maturity that he did have in other films, and that he could definitely have used in this film. Jennifer Garner was finally someone whose on-screen presence didn’t make me flinch, like it happened so often while watching Alias. Colin Farrell plays Bullseye, one of the bad guys with quite a bit of style, and I don’t know if I’m super-biased towards this guy, but I thought he brought life, flair and a bit of well-needed humour to the film. John Favreau seems to get heavier and heavier with every film, while his roles become lighter and lighter, and Michael Clarke Duncan was just plain fucking scary. I don’t think they could’ve found a better person to play Kingpin, even though he’s black. Oh, yeah, Joe Pontaliano…he really doesn’t add much to the film.

The Recruit

The Recruit [2003]

Director: Roger Donaldson
Actor: Al PacinoColin Farrell

This is a nice little film in which Colin Farrell plays a rather angsty, but likable guy who, with his extra-ordinairy wit and ingenuity gets recruited to come and work for the CIA. Being as good as he is he gets involved in a nasty piece of business under the tutelage of his recruiting officer, played by Al Pacino.

A rather predictable film, and not exactly either lead actor’s best, but enjoyable. Eva remarked that she thought that Al Pacino was all out of “Whoohaa!” and this film certainly seems to prove that, though I am not ready to give up on him yet.