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Equilibrium [2002]

Director: Kurt Wimmer
Actor: Christian BaleSean BeanTaye DiggsDominic Purcell
Cinematographer: Dion Beebe

Go to see this film if…

1. …you love to see Christian Bale kick a bunch of ass.
2. …you loved the book “1984”.
3. …you loved the futuristic setting of Minority Report.
4. …you loved the “fight the system” theme in the Matrix.

If one of these four concepts appeal to you; go and see this film. If any combination of these concepts appeal to you; make it a priority to see this film.

The film is about a cleric – a law enforcer – who tracks down and summarily executes people who are guilty of a “sense crime.” These people – “sense offenders” – don’t take their perscribed and mandatory dose of drugs, to be taken every day at a certain moment, that blocks any and all feeling. Feeling, they say, is something that gets in the way of a civilised society. Feeling is what creates war, decadence, deceit, etc.

This man, this cleric, is the highest ranking officer in his order, and one of the most accomplished and decorated agents in the field. He is also one of the greatest martial combatants, being versed in hand-to-hand as well as the special “Gun Kata;” a futuristic combination of Karate, Kung Fu and just blatant gun work. Arguably, it makes those gunfight-sequences in the movie look better than the ones in the Matrix, or any John Woo movie.

This movie rocked thoroughly, even though it’s pretty predictable, and doesn’t really leave you with a sense that you’ve been misdirected. It’s an special adaptation of Orwell’s 1984, and therefor not really unpredictable. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the book came out, of course.

One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo [2002]

Director: Mark Romanek
Actor: Robin Williams

This movie is deeply, truly disturbing. It’s about a lonely man, played by Robin Williams, who works at a one-hour photo shop of a large supermarket. He gets obsessed by this one family, and starts stalking them, interfering with their lives.

This movie proves, again, that Robin Williams is an incredible actor, and puts down a mentally disturbed individual comparable in intensity to the likes of Norman Bates or Travis Bickle.

The cinematography and acting are superb in this film, and I recommend it to one and all.

Knockaround Guys

Knockaround Guys [2001]

Director: Brian KoppelmanDavid Levien
Actor: Barry PepperVin DieselSeth GreenJohn MalkovichDennis Hopper

This movie is in the same vein as Suicide Kings. Young actors, all up and coming, in a gangster movie.

Barry Pepper is the son of a mafia underboss who can’t seem to shake the reputation of his father [Dennis Hopper] as he tries to make a normal, civilian life for himself. When young, he was tested by his father’s right hand man [John Malkovich] to see if he had the balls to shoot someone. He didn’t, and was thus, never really let in to la Familia.

When, after being rejected for a job-interview because of his father’s reputation, he tries to get back into his father’s business, he gets a shot at an important job of transporting half a million dollars in commission money, meant for the higher capos.

The money gets lost in transit and ends up in the hands of a sherrif of a small town in Montana. Real back-water stuff. So he, together with his three mafia friends roll into town trying to get the money back. They’re off course way out of place, and try to deal with things in a way they would deal with things in Brooklyn.

This movie shows substandard acting from John Malkovich and Barry Pepper, but Seth Green and Vin Diesel really shine. Especially the latter is depicted really well.


Adaptation [2002]

Director: Spike Jonze
Actor: Nicolas CageMeryl StreepChris CooperTilda Swinton

This movie is a psuedo-autobiographical story about a man trying to write a screenplay about a book on orchids. He’s a deeply socially disturbed person, very unsure of himself, and extremely critical of his own work.

The screenplay he ends up writing is the screenplay for this film. The star of the movie, is the screen writer of the movie, played by Nicholas Cage, who – after doing a lot of spam – finally makes something worth while again.