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4th day, 2nd ride, March, 1372 DR

Last night Roland turned down a woman who would’ve given herself up to him completely. He seems capable of more restraint than I gave him credit for. Then, when the lady was disappointed, Abel stepped in and finished what Roland started. It seems he, too, is capable of more than I gave him credit for. Is he sure he didn’t sleep with the Cormyrian nobleman’s wife?

I had a strange dream last night. I was on the open plains of Damara, following a lightning storm that I couldn’t seem to reach. Am I losing touch with Abaddon? Is he out of my reach? Or is Heron the storm in my dream? Elusive and always one step ahead. I don’t I woke up perturbed.

We headed down the Tethyamar trail to find Marron. I was pleased to see the weather had turned sour, and the smell of thunder was in the air…

Food, Sleep and Clean Socks

3rd day, 2nd ride, March, 1372 DR

We spent the morning talking to Duran, an elder of the Brightblade clan, living in Daggerfalls, considered the nominal leader of the dwarven community in Daggerfalls. He told us about the decades, if not centuries old fued between the Brightblade clan and the Morn family, which has been put to rest by the efforts of Randall Morn. He also told us about Marron, a hermit living to the south-east of Daggerfalls, who is known to organise prize fights amongst animals, and is known to have trained dogs and perhaps wolves. We decided that the attack on the dwarves might have been in order to create dissent between the humans and dwarves.

The funny thing about food is that if you’ve grown up with enough of it around, you don’t appreciate it later in life. When you’ve grown up in a war and famine torn country, with the dead and the worst deamons imaginable standing at the command of your enemy’s general, you eat whenever you can, and you leave no plate unfinished, even when you’re long since content or even full, you cannot pass on an opportunity of food. The same goes for sleep. When you’re a soldier you get your sleep when you can, and you learn to sleep, nap, snooze and doze anywhere. I can see the puzzled and curious looks on the faces of my companions, which betrays their lack of experience.

Two Dead Dwarves

2nd day, 2nd ride, March, 1372 DR

Upon handing over our prisoner, whom I had to carry all the way to town because he got crippled during “interrogation,” we met Sir Ariton Delmis, the Commander of the Freedom Fighters. We got nicely paid for our efforts.

That evening we went to celebrate our earnings in the Broken Dagger, a seedy bar in town. The bar is run by a burly guy called Rogrimm, who, I’m sure, has orc-blood running through his veins. We met Thorim there, whose cousin Thordeck, twice removed, came busting in disrupting our evening, saying “they got him.” He, as well as a member of Thorim’s family were attacked on top of Eagle’s Eerie, a plateau with a shrine to Dumathoin on the ridge overlooking the city, during evening prayers. A small group was attacked by wolves, which is improbable, and Thordeck – was saved by fleeing into the shrine and following the catacomb tunnels into town.

We spent the rest of the evening inspecting the battleground at Eagle’s Eerie. I thought it was relatively useless. Two dead dwarves…who cares? The two dwarves were found by Roland and Abel while I was long back at the Teshford Arms enjoying a drink. They were stuffed in a gully, horribly defaced.

Zhentilar Contact

1st day, 2nd ride, March, 1372 DR

At the garisson I met Mestine Durmark, captain of the standing militia, and Thorim of the Brightblade clan who we escorted through the border forest outside of Daggerfalls. We followed a path north from Daggerfalls towards the Citadel of the Raven. An hour north of Daggerfalls we cut north-west into the Borderforest. We raided a small outpost of Zhents, five of them in total, including a priest, whom we took prisoner.