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The Good Sisters’ Rebuke

Previously, a Quentin, Luca and Neamhan went to visit Eustace, a gem cutter and jeweller with a small shop in the Southside ward. They were looking for enough diamond dust so that Neamhan could perform a ritual of restoration on Quentin and restore some of the memory he had lost. Emrys, who had remained in the Careless Wanderer, was surprised with a beautifully crafted lute case, which was a gift from the Lady of Evenshade Hall.

First Day, Second Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262

(Silvermoon is in high sanction, Bloodmoon is waning, Darkmoon is waning)

Luca and Quentin had found Eustace in his small workshop in the Southside ward, not far from Forgewright’s smithy. Darkness had quickly descended on the city and the two heroes could see the man in the soft glow of some lantern lights through the foggy windows of his workshop. When the two heroes entered, Neamhan, who had transfigured into a large raven, hitched a ride on Quentin’s shoulder.

Initially, Luca tried to get Eustace to provide him with the diamond dust for free, arguing that Luca had given him a lyrium crystal to investigate before he departed for Pinefall. Upon his return, he had found that Eustace had sold the crystal to someone in the Circle of Magi. Luca was quite forceful, but Eustace would not budge, even when Luca threatened to get the crownsguard involved.

Quentin decided to step in when things might get out of hand. He adopted the persona of Lord Quentin of House Morvrayne, one he did not enjoy relying on. The jeweller was eager to mend relations and offered his services to the heroes free of charge but did not have any diamonds in stock. Disappointed, the heroes returned to the Careless Wanderer, promising Eustace that they would return with the diamonds soon.

Luca and Quentin discussed the idea of using a lyrium crystal as a substitute for any material component necessary in the casting of magic while they were on their way back to the Careless Wanderer, but when they arrived and Falka reminded Luca that Dunatrim Hardstone had paid 1650 gold crowns for one crystal at auction, that idea was quickly abandoned.

Emrys went through a collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones he had retrieved from Atilesceon’s tower and found some small diamonds among them. Luca, Quentin and Neamhan quickly returned to Eustace’s workshop to catch him before he closed for the day. When they returned, Eustace was surprised, but eagerly got to work and produced the diamond dust the heroes were looking for.

When the heroes returned to the Careless Wanderer for the second and final time that evening, it was way past curfew. It was clear that with the queen’s recovery and the departure of the mysterious plaguemaidens, there was little reason to maintain the curfew, but it had not been lifted. The crownsguard and custodians that were patrolling the streets were warning everyone to make their way to their houses, but there was no sting in their commands, as even they no longer saw the point of the curfew.

Back at the Careless Wanderer, the heroes gathered in Emrys’ room for Neamhan’s restoration ritual. Astrid had to be convinced to part ways with her dice game, and Falka was invited to document the process. After Neamhan transfigured back into her elven form behind an elegant, lacquered privacy screen that was set up in Emrys’ room, she proceeded to push furniture aside to make space for her ritual.

Neamhan used the diamond dust to draw a decorated circle on the ground. Luca asked her whether she needed iron powder, something he was used to using to construct warding circles, but she did not need it. This suggestion got a strong response from the dragonling which sat curled around Luca’s shoulders, and it spurred Neamhan to suggest that Quentin remove his armour.

Neamhan placed a chair in the centre of the circle and asked Quentin, who was now dressed only in woollen trousers and, a padded gambeson, to take place. When she started her ritual, magic filled the room, causing gusts and motes of wind to animate the circle until it fully enveloped Quentin.

While Neamhan was performing her ritual, Luca was magesplaining what was happening to Astrid and Falka. When Astrid found out that the entire ritual was costing close to two hundred gold crowns she got mildly offended. It appeared that she was now calculating the cost of everything in how much it would contribute to her ship.

A light emitted from the inscriptions of the circle, casting the rest of the room into gloom, which raised up over Quentin and coalesced into a single drop. Just as the drop was about to fall on him, a bony arm with long fingers and black nails reached out from the darkness and snatched it mid-air. A triplet of voices rang out abjuring Neamhan’s ritual. “He is ours,” they said sternly.

It appeared that the Sisters of the Grove were unwilling to relinquish Quentin’s memory.

Neamhan, obviously disappointed by the outcome, assured Quentin that she could try again, confident that she would eventually be able to break through the sisters’ defences. Quentin gently refused Neamhan’s offer. In the meantime, Luca filled Falka in on the sisters and what happened in Blackbough.

Aside from the ritual, that evening Luca noticed that Falka was compiling notes on Epidemius. He asked her whether she would be able to do some research on “Aurion” or “Aureus”. She said she would be glad to do so. When she asked a few questions, and Luca suggested that the two names belonged to the same figure, Falka seemed concerned that the suggestion was bordering on heresy. Rather than doing researching into a religious matter, she felt more comfortable only approaching it from a historic perspective.

James finally stopped by the Wanderer, just before closing. He walked in with two guards, both hooded, whom he introduced as Hendrik and Sigrun. He did not seem as concerned with the draconic journal page the heroes had gotten from the Lady of the Raft as a reward for reuniting her with her daughter Luciana, though he was a bit disappointed that the vault that was mentioned was not an undiscovered vault.

According to James the Newport vault was slowly being cleared out and secured. He had engaged the help of Garvan the Tunneler, who had gone into hiding after helping the heroes breach the dark delirium den of the Steady Hand. Garvan had already discovered that the complex was larger than the four rooms that were accessible to the heroes when they were down there. When asked whether it could be a good place to store Muirgheal, James agreed, and suggested turning the halls into a base of operations once it was secured.

James had learned that the Beauclair delegation was roughly two days away from Kingsport, travelling with an escort of the Order of the Lance, including the grand master of the order. When Quentin asked whether James knew if Lord Gauthier was travelling with family, he confirmed Quentin’s suspicion.

Before James and his two guards left via the access to the river from the basement of the Wanderer, he asked whether he could get several lyrium crystals. He needed them to make the key to the halls work and experimenting with a way in which the key would not consume the crystals. This would allow the right people access in and out of the halls.

Before turning in for the night, Neamhan and Luca tended to everyone’s wounds, even taking care of Durham’s black eye and split lip. When Luca showed signs of his healing magic taking a physical toll on him, Neamhan took over and reinvigorated everyone to the best of her ability. While she tended to Astrid she was once again confronted with the raptor-like mask that briefly fell over Astrid’s face. Everyone retired for the night.

While in his room, Emrys was idly admiring the lute case by letting his fingers run along the velvet on the inside of the case. He stumbled upon a hidden compartment, which held a tightly rolled up piece of parchment. Opening it up he found that there was a short message written in the elegant handwriting of Lady Annabella, which read; “And death shall have no dominion.”

An Unexpected Gift

Previously, the heroes were confronted by several custodians who wanted to arrest Neamhan in charges of heresy after she had expressed herself indelicately about the gods. Emrys managed to convince the custodians that conflict could be avoided and that Neamhan would turn herself in at the Tomb of St. Catherine.

First Day, Second Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262

(Silvermoon is in high sanction, Bloodmoon is waning, Darkmoon is waning)

After the near-violent standoff with the custodians, rest returned to the Careless Wanderer. It was just past fourth bell, and dusk was falling outside. The afternoon would soon be over, and Neamhan was keen on finding the powdered diamond she needed to attempt to lift the curse that Quentin was under which caused him to forget his betrothed.

Quentin and Luca accompanied her to see Eustace, a gnarled jeweller who was working out of a small, cramped workshop in the Southside ward of Kingsport. The jeweller had once taken possession of a lyrium crystal and had promised to find out what kind of crystal it was. This had been just before the heroes travelled to Pinefall and disappeared to Old Llygad. They had only returned months later and at that point the jeweller had sold the crystal to the Circle of Magi, unaware of its value.

Emrys, Astrid and Falka remained in the Careless Wanderer, having no interest in venturing out into the cold. Shortly after the others departed, an older gentleman stepped in the door of the Careless Wanderer, asking after Emrys. He was dressed in fine clothing, complete with a top hat and a walking cane. He approached the table Emrys and the others were sitting at and introduced himself.

Bernhard Brenninkmeyer was a Daerlan crafter of instruments and accessories operating out of a shop in Sevenoaks. He had been commissioned on the Fourth Day, First Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262 by the Lady of Evenshade Hall to create a beautiful lute case for Emrys. It was made of black leather stretched over a case of steel and wood, with gleaming clasps that held the lid of the case against a gasket, making it waterproof. The inside was inlaid in firm padding lined with burgundy velvet, capable of accommodating many different types of lutes.

After presenting Emrys with the gift, master Brenninkmeyer departed, leaving Emrys to marvel at the craftsmanship.

The Draconic Journal Page

Previously, the heroes visited Father Devon in order to ask Kasia some questions about Epidemius, only to find that the young girl had been reunited with House Brightmantle, to whom she was a servant. The kindly priest gave them directions to the Brightmantle manse in Kingsport and they went to meet the young and traumatised girl.

First Day, Second Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262

(Silvermoon is in high sanction, Bloodmoon is waning, Darkmoon is waning)

The heroes spent the morning talking with Kasia, the Silesian handmaid to Lady Grace Brightmantle. She had been the only known witness to the Epidemius incursion from start to finish. She described where the portal formed on the square, the skaven that emerged and how Epidemius rode out on a grotesque mount, the way the custodians and crownsguard had engaged, how Lord Jerod Brightmantle had emerged from the cathedral flanked by houseguards and clerics, and how they had fallen too. She spoke of an incessant buzzing noise in her head as Epidemius spoke his demands and of his departure through a newly formed portal he had created by reading from a scroll. She also admitted having heard the voice of her mother in her head encouraging to help Epidemius, and that she had been too frightened to act.

Picking up on something Kasia had said, Emrys asked her to elaborate more on why she had urged Lady Grace to bury the dead deep and put heavy rocks on their graves. She explained that she and her father, along with many other Silesians, had recently fled across the border to escape “the blood rain,” which made the dead rise from their graves. When asked whether she had seen any of the skaven in Silesia, she said she had not, but that she heard there were “goat men”, rather than “rat men.” Something wicked was rising in the east…

When it seemed that the young girl had no more information to give, Lady Grace concluded the audience, but promised that should new information come to light, or if Kasia would remember new information, a page would be sent to inform the heroes. The heroes departed while Kasia readied herself for a lesson in swordsmanship with Ser William the Crippled in the courtyard.

The heroes said goodbye to Emma after she reiterated that a promise had been made thrice, referring to their promise to help rid her of Muirgheal by the ride’s end, and they headed to the docks to visit Caius of Lynnecombe, the trading representative for House Sheridan that operated from a small office at the docks. When they arrived the neatly groomed, modestly dressed, middle-aged man welcomed the heroes in after reluctantly accepting that Quentin had taken to carrying stray cats around like a common pellar. Little did he know that this was Neamhan, who had shifted into the form of a tabby cat for the better part of the morning.

The conversation with Caius was a short and pleasant one, before going into the reason why the heroes had come; possibly investing some of their hard earned wealth in an establishment which could serve as a more permanent base of operations. Several options on several locations were discussed, as well as a brief overview of the available assets to finance the acquisition. Caius promised to look into some options.

After Caius gave a brief update on the members of House Sheridan, the heroes returned to the Careless Wanderer. They found Lauryn sitting at the table the heroes often occupied, eating breakfast. They joined her and Lauryn explained that Falka had finished the translation of the draconic letter before taking Luca up on his offer and was taking a nap on his bed. Neamhan shifted back to her elven form and joined the company at the table.

The heroes read the translation Falka had left for them:

One of our own has been taken. Kalauranthalasis, the Feywalker, is no more. As is customary, a call to conclave went out. Some woke from their slumber. Some emerged from their lairs. And some, like myself, left their positions among mortals to make their way to the Feywalker’s lair. We danced in mourning, waiting for late arrivals. Wrathion, Berazus, Morphaz, Sindragosa, Grakkarond… they were all there.

We were all surprised that his mate did not show, but we knew that the call would not reach everyone in time. Then the catastrophe. The noxious brood had been taken from the vault. The most prized of all the Feywalker’s riches had been taken.

The mourning dance ended, the cries of our brethren rang far, the ground trembled and the sky shook. This will not go unpunished. We must inform Azsharastrasza of this defilement, this insolence, this heresy.

The heroes were confused; this spoke about events they were direct contributors to, and they knew for a fact that Azsharastrasza had died in their encounter with Kalauranthalasis and Xamael at the Sunken Vault. By this letter it appeared as if her body was never discovered at the vault, and moreover, the eggs they had found and left untouched had been taken. The heroes pondered who might have been responsible for that, and quickly arrived at the Sisters of the Grove.

The conversation sparked some questions in Neamhan; she asked how many vaults there were, and how many the heroes knew about, and what it was that made them special. When the heroes explained more about them, Neamhan had a thought; there was an underground structure which was part of a holy site that Oisín emerged from. Could that have been a vault, too?

When the heroes queried Neamhan about Oisín, she explained that his return was prophesised. During that conversation she made some indelicate comments about the gods; she acknowledged that the gods existed, but found them to be less than helpful. It was at that point a man who was seated at another table said; “I have heard enough. I believe we have all heard enough.”

The man turned out to be a custodian, accompanied by three others; a female custodian and two armed men. They all wore red robes beneath their cloaks, and the armed men wore chainmail.

“Under Paladine’s watchful eye, I charge you with heresy,” the custodian said. “Witnessed,” the other custodian said sharply. “Bind her,” the man said and the two armed men approached, one clearing manacles from his belt. Before they reached the table, Emrys stealthily let a veil of invisibility fall over Neamhan.

The Arrival of a Scholar

Previously, the heroes were interrupted by James while they were attending the closing ceremony of the fishing competition. He asked them to escort a young girl named Luciana from the orphanage in Grimsdown to the docks. Luciana was the daughter of the late night master and an outlaw captain, who promised to share some information on a supposed “vault.” The heroes managed to get Luciana out of the hands of some guards, and escort her to the docks, and were given a mysterious journal page, written in a strange language.

Tenth Day, First Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262

(Silvermoon is in high sanction, Bloodmoon is waning, Darkmoon is in high sanction, Night of Cerulean Eyes)

After an eventful day, the heroes retired to the Careless Wanderer. The tavern was quiet, having previously been the home of teams of fisherfolk who had competed in the fishing competition under the banner of Lord Peregrine Blackwell. The sun het set, darkness had fallen, and the city was being covered in a gentle sprinkling of snow.

While Magda made a rare appearance in the tavern, instructing Lauryn to replace all of the cutlery with silverware she produced from a rosewood box, Emrys spoke quietly about his expectation that James would show up to address the letter Neamhan had returned with from the Calypso’s Song. Quentin was quiet, and Luca was contemplating the letter. Everyone was wounded, and Luca and Neamhan felt a general malaise on top of that which proved hard to shake.

Quentin and Luca decided to put their healing abilities to good use, but neither more so than Neamhan, who uttered an ancient, elven blessing and used it to command the wind to gentle and sooth the wounds of everyone around the table. She also provided several handfuls of berries which also refreshed the group. A well-to-do family of four who were staying at the inn and had been in the middle of a meal observed the display with open-mouthed wonder.

Neamhan found some solitude and transfigured into a cat, which curled up on Quentin’s lap as he enjoyed the warmth of the hearth, mesmerised by the flames. Luca eventually creates a copy of the letter and hands the original to Emrys. Emrys muses that Luciana seemed possessed, not unlike Lady Maya Ironwood, and wonders whether there is something about children which makes them especially susceptible to possession.

Emrys says he’d like to ask Toruviel more about the topic, but the sword has only barely been awoken. Luca says that his connection to Blackstar has not been the same as Emrys’ connection to Toruviel. Luca says that he does not understand Blackstar’s motives and goals, and he feels he’s on course to clash with the staff. Until then, Luca suspected not to have any meaningful conversations with Blackstar, sharing that the sheer potential is what keeps him dealing with the troubling and wilful nature of crystal atop the staff.

At the end of his ability to stay awake, Luca retires for the night. Tired and frustrated with the feeling of powerlessness, Quentin also decided to retire soon after Luca’s departure. Neamhan, who was still in the form of a cat, snuck upstairs and into Quentin’s room to continue to keep him company. When she eventually grew tired and headed for her own room, she could hear the soft sound of windchimes he knew to mean that Wynn was close by.

Emrys and Astrid continued their conversation. Emrys wanted to know more about the man in the white robes who attacked the heroes outside of the orphanage. Astrid described him as fast and deadly, much like the way Kalina had fought in the Reaverhaunt caverns. She showed a wound she had received from a dagger the man had wielded, and it looked painful and corrupted, with tendrils of darkness spreading underneath her skin around the wound, and felt hot to the touch.

When the last of the heroes went to sleep, they did so while the Silvermoon and Darkmoon stood at high sanction for the Night of Cerulean Eyes.

First Day, Second Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262

(Silvermoon is in high sanction, Bloodmoon is waning, Darkmoon is waning)

Neamhan was the first to wake early in the morning. The inn was quiet and she crept downstairs after preparing her druidic connections. She found Ramsey in the kitchen, hard at work kneading dough and baking loafs of bread in his stone oven. Shortly after Lauryn came down, and went about her morning routine of preparing the inn.

Just before the sixth bell there was a knock on the front door, and Lauryn hurried to open it to find a young woman, dressed in modest travelling clothes, carrying a suitcase and a travelling satchel, covered in snow and lips as blue as ice. Lauryn rushed her inside and put her near the fire to warm her up.

Once she had warmed up, she asked after Luca, and said that her name was Falka of Dunagore, a young scholar from Bournemouth. She had arrived early in the morning on the Old Queen. She intended to stay over the winter to help the heroes in their endeavours, explaining that she was well versed in natural sciences and ancient history.

Falka was eager to arrive in Kingsport and took the first available ship. This was not as easy as it was a few months ago, since travel his slowed down due to the weather, but also due to the continue blockade of the Eastray harbour by the Lyrian navy, as disease still ravaged the city.

When Quentin came downstairs it took a moment for him to introduce himself to Falka. When he eventually did so, Falka felt flustered, apologised and curtsied to “Lord Quentin.” Satisfied that his station was recognised, he bade Falka to call him Quentin. When Emrys came down, Falka greeted him warmly. She seemed genuinely delighted to be in Kingsport with them.

The topic of the crusaders came up and Neamhan had a hard time understanding why their return was so important. Falka said that they had first hand accounts of the Age of Fear, explaining that for humans it is countless generations ago, whereas for elves it has only been a few generations. Falka expects that the return of the crusaders will have a significant impact; the return of Dame Josephine La Valette being a good example of it.

It is clear that Falka wants to be useful to the heroes and she offers to put her time and effort at their disposal. “Move me about the board like a chess piece,” she offers. “Whatever it is you need, I’m happy to do it. I will arrange for my own protection and safety. Give me the means, and I will travel to the farthest corners of the kingdom to serve the cause.”

Emrys asked Falka to take a look at the letter the heroes had received from Ramona, and she instantly recognised it to be written in the draconic language. She said she needed no more than a day to translate it, and to leave it to her.

From One Mother to Another

Previously, the heroes were asked to escort Luciana, the daughter of an outlaw who was participating in the fishing competition, from the orphanage in Grimsdown, to the ship of the outlaw in the harbour. At the orphanage, the heroes encountered a group of crownsguard who were there for the girl as well.

Tenth Day, First Ride, Autumn Twilight, 1262

(Silvermoon is in high sanction, Bloodmoon is waning, Darkmoon is in high sanction, Night of Cerulean Eyes)

The confrontation between the heroes and the crownsguard was still in full swing, with Brandomiir and Coral stuck in the middle. Emrys had taken Luciana through the same window into the alleyway as the heroes had used to get inside and she was still acting peculiar and speaking with a voice that seemed not her own. Quentin, aided by Neamhan, was keeping the guards at bay, allowing Brandomiir and Coral to retreat upstairs to protect the other orphans. Luca, driven by Blackstar’s insistence, refused to fall back, determined to sate the staff’s sick hunger. Astrid was still confronting a robed stranger outside whose involvement with the crownsguard seemed unclear.

Between the vines that Quentin had summoned using Róisín, the lashing thorns that Neamhan conjured, and the bolts of ruinous energy that Luca shot from the void crystal atop Blackstar, the crownsguard were beleaguered enough for the heroes to slip out into the alley. When Emrys and Neamhan were outside, the white robbed man had confronted them from the mouth of the alley, having given Astrid the slip. Emrys flung debris at the man and in response the man had vanished in the blink of an eye, only to reappear on the other side of the alley, behind Neamhan, stabbing her painfully in the back. The cut across her lower back was so vicious that it pulsed and spasmed long after the blade had left her skin.

In response, Neamhan tried to transfigure the man into the shape of a snail. His body contorted and was wracked in pain. His skin turned rubbery, his eyes bulged, and a chitinous shell began to form on his shoulder blades. The man resisted, and managed to halt the transfiguration, reversing it until he had abjured the magic.

During this, Emrys used Toruviel to vault Luciana and himself up to the roof of the orphanage in an attempt to get the girl to safety. From there, he conjured two, large constructs made from garbage and debris, which flanked Neamhan protectively.

Luciana warned Emrys that now that she was outside she would not be able to keep the crownsguard restrained for much longer. Emrys commanded the two constructs to march the heroes to the edge of Grimsdown, where they battered down the crownsguard barricades and caused enough of a distraction to allow the heroes to depart. The girl had stopped being possessed by what she claimed was Mommy Myrtle and had understood that she was taken to Ramona at the docks. In a small courtyard in Ravensbourne, the heroes found a moment to rest and heal some of their wounds. Neamhan handed out her nourishing berries, Quentin called upon the faceless guise to heal the “protectors of the threshold”, and Luca beseeched his patron.

Before granting Luca the ability to heal wounds and stitch flesh, Aurion reminded Luca of his command to keep Blackstar under control.

Heading south to avoid Steward’s Square, the heroes made their way to the docks and found it as empty as the rest of the city. This made it easy to spot which of the docked ships was the Calypso’s Song, as there were half a dozen scarlet-cloaked crownsguard barring the way to the pier that the ship was moored to. Relying on their renown, Emrys managed to talk their way onto the pier, but was still strictly forbidden from boarding the ship. Emrys relied on his ability to ensorcell some dockside equipment (wheelbarrows, carts, barrels and crates) to harass the crownsguard, and while Neamhan and Luciana snuck on board during the distraction, the rest of the heroes came to the crownsguard’s aid.

One of the crew made Neamhan promise not to cause any trouble aboard the ship, and made her repeat her promise two more times. When she finally embarked, she felt that breaking her promise was going to have dire consequences, so she relinquished any thoughts of mischief she might have had and settled down with Luciana, out of sight of the crownsguard on the dock.

When the distraction was complete, the rest of the heroes departed the docks, leaving Neamhan and Luciana behind. Astrid and Emrys returned to the Careless Wanderer, while Luca and Quentin returned to Steward’s Square to see what the situation was like there.

What they found was that the team of Lord Aberforth of House Dunkeswell had won first prize and Lord Peregrine of House Blackwell had become second, with Ramona coming in third. Just before their arrival, Lord Peregrine had departed in anger, leaving Ser Liam of the Cloakwoods to do the honour of accepting the prize on his lord’s behalf. Ramona had picked up her prize with a mocking laugh and more swagger than anyone had the right to display.

Before the ceremony was over, Lord Aberforth, the master angler for this year, had been confronted by a dozen angry dwarves, including Durham, under the leadership of Dagran Forgewright. They demanded that Grimnir Bouldertoe, the young fisherman at the heart of the controversy, be released. Dagran, flanked by his apprentice Kargath, made some thinly veiled threats after which Lord Aberforth released Grimnir, withholding Grimnir’s cut of the prize money as compensation.

“The dwarf language has no word for forgiveness, only many subtle variations on revenge, recompense and retribution. Do I make myself clear, Lord Aberforth?”

– Dagran Forgewright

Quentin, who had studied the dwarven language, was reminded of a rhyme he had once heard that seemed fitting to the situation:

A dwarven debt is always paid; once for any simple trade, twice for freely given aid, thrice for any insult made.

After the situation was diffused, the queen and her retinue departed while the people on the square celebrated with music, dancing and wine. Quentin and Luca decided to return to the Careless Wanderer.

When Ramona returned to the Calypso’s Song she seemed genuinely happy to see Luciana and told her to go into the captain’s hut to get warm. There would be lemon cakes waiting for her. Luciana said her goodbye and darted across the deck. In return for returning her daughter to her, Ramona handed Neamhan a folded parchment with one torn edge.

Neamhan asked whether she could depart from the rear of the ship, and Ramona consented. Together they went up to the aft deck above the captain’s hut. Neamhan felt it necessary to warn Ramona that was what about to happen was no in any way painful and not to be worried. When Neamhan transfigured herself into the form of a raven, Ramona loudly encouraged her to “Fly, little bird!” and laughed in delight.

At the Careless Wanderer, Neamhan showed the parchment she had been given by Ramona to the others, and Luca quickly recognised it as written in draconic, though he could not read the language.