Tag: Happiness

A Smiling Woman on the Bus

Today, as I was heading home, after a rough day at work, I saw a woman in the bus that struck me. She was probably around fifty, with a grey, pixie haircut and a very pleasant face. The first thing I noticed about her, is that she was wearing the same rain coat that Mounir has been wearing the last couple of months. Later, I noticed her basking in the early evening sun with her eyes closed, with a pleasant smile on her face. From then on, I kept noticing how she had a beautiful, permanent smile and looked “calm as a Hindu cow” all throughout the bus ride.

I don’t know if she is a happy and content person, but she certainly¬†seemed like one. And the idea of her being a generally happy person without a care in the world filled me with happiness, too. And so I learned that happiness is contagious. Unhappiness, unfortunately, might be, too.

Thank you, smiling lady, you made my evening a slightly better with your contagious happiness.