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New Office

My company just moved to another office and it’s been an interesting process. The last time we moved offices was quite a few years ago and I remember that to have been a pretty smooth transfer. Admittedly, we were a bit smaller then. This time it didn’t go quite as smoothly.

Yesterday, upon arriving at the new office, which is in an area of Amsterdam where there are currently many construction projects, I found that the building we’re in is still under active construction. It turned out that not just our building, but also our office was still under active construction. Small things, like water in the kitchen was missing and we only had one sink in the bathrooms that provided water. But more legit things like missing toilet doors and only two working electricity outlets. The latter was exciting, since we connected everyone to these sockets and it was a miracle that everything was sort of up and running.

We started unpacking boxes, arranging desks and clearing some of the mess. By the afternoon, when most of that had been done, the office actually started to look kind of nice. We still had construction workers roaming around, drilling everywhere, and everything is kind of covered in a perpetual layer of dust, but it was turning out alright.

The whole place has a bit of a dead-tech, post-modern, industrial feel to it, but it looks kind of cool. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a few cool photos once things are looking a bit more presentable and I can share what the office looks like. Until that time there is a lot of freewheeling, troubleshooting and unusual shit to take care of. Hurrah!(?)

A New Office

The last week has been an interesting one. I’ve found myself in the middle of my office moving to a new location and as a result of that there’s been a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of arranging. We didn’t move that far from where we were, but the office is so different that we might as well have moved to Mars. Our previous office was comprised of the two top floors on the Brouwersgracht, arguably the most beautiful canal in Amsterdam. The neighbourhood is quiet, rustic and peaceful and it really was a joy to get to work, especially in the spring. (Or the winter, the canal looked particularly pretty with a bit of snow.) The two floors were low ceilinged, small and homey. Our new office is high, open, large and very light. We’re stuck between a busy road and the Ij, a huge ship-faring canal and we look out over teh Amsterdam industrial harbour.

I made a little video to introduce our new office and some of its dwellers.

Today some art was delivered and put on the walls, massive 2 by 2 meter canvasses of, among other things, the Diesel 5th avenue store in NYC and their famous “Be Stupid” slogan. Also, we’re getting a new conference room table today, which also isn’t seen the video above. Anyway, it’s starting to look like a real office now.

Diesel 5th Ave - Be Stupid

A result of all that and more resulted in a chilled out weekend spent together with my brother, coding and working on Corrosion and his school project. I got a lot of sleep as a result and I’m feeling awfully chirpy today. I even decided to borrow a bicycle to go to work and see how that ride would be. The ride went well, and I might do that more often, especially now that it’s becoming rather nice weather.