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No More Tea or No More Alcohol

I was having a discussion with Joasia about the benefits of tea. You see, I love tea, and I drink it pretty much every day. I don’t drink it much at home, but I drink it almost exclusively when I’m working. My favourite, easy access flavour of tea is Earl Grey, and I’m really not fond of the weaker, caffeine-free, herbal and green teas that are quite popular nowadays. No, I like black tea.

When confronted with the question on what I would choose; never have a drop of alcohol again, or never have a drop of tea again, I found myself choosing tea over alcohol. The day to day pleasure I get from drinking tea completely obliterates the occasional enjoyment of alcohol. Not to mention the health implications. Interestingly, Joasia chose the opposite, which was also a surprise. For her, tea is simply a vehicle for infusing her body with warmth.

To hit a cup of tea at just the right temperature is amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the penicillins in the world. Having said that, I’m glad I won’t have to make that choice just yet.