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The subject of spoilers has come up a few times in the last few days and as a result, I came to the realisation that I don’t mind spoilers because almost all film and television is so incredibly formulaic that I don’t need the spoilers to know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen. Very few things are a real Usual Suspects, Sixth Sense type twist for me anyway.

Yellowthread Street

The Masterpiece, a prestigious building in Hong Kong, peeks out of the fog. This is a beautiful photo I lifted off the BBC today.

The Masterpiece, Hong Kong

Last night I watched the first episode of Yellowthread Street, a television show from the early nineties that never survived into their second season. It’s a police drama starring Bruce Payne, Tzi Ma and Catherine Neilson as they solve crimes out of the Yellowthread Street police station in the fictional Hong Bay in Hong Kong. It’s a show I used to watch every sunday evening, and one that I was in love with. I loved the raw urban feel of the show, the exotic toxicity of the setting and it was likely a precursor to my facination with cyberpunk and urban dystopias. Naturally, the show doesn’t stand the test of time (21 years!) but it has a lot of potential. This would be perfect if it was remade by someone like Michael Mann, who has an intricate and deep understanding of crime. Anyway, it was a fun 50 minutes of nostalgia.