Last night I was starving, but since I had been a total slacker, I didn’t do any grocery shopping which left me with few choices but to scrounge up all the odd little things I still had in my cupboard and fridge. I ended up making the most disgusting hamburger in the world and eating some instant noodles.

This morning, as I woke up, I was talking to Moulsari on the phone and my stomach started growling again. I went to scrounge again and I came across a french bread that you needed to bake in the oven. As I did so I managed to charcoal this thing into tasting like ass. I threw it out and went on another scrounge. I found some fried noodles [indonesian bami] in my freezer that my mother had given to me about two weeks back. I warmed it up and it was heavenly.

I was reminded of the time when Claus and I went to see Erik and Eva in California during last spring. When there we were subjected to the horrible American cuisine which involved much of the greaseness. Being a big health nut, Claus had, by the 8th day, reached his limit and for the remainder of the stay insisted on salads and such.

When we returned home Claus stayed in the Netherlands for a bit and one evening we went over to my mother’s to eat. She had made the fried noodles and I saw Claus eat like there was no tomorrow, he loved it.

A fond memory. :)

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