Todo List

Going on the Wonder Wheel on Coney Island. Standing on the Great Wall overlooking the plain of Tsan-Pa. Rafting the wild rivers of the Amazon. Standing underneath the waterfalls in northern Thailand. Walking the jungles of Borneo. Surfing the cold surfs of South Africa. Eating at a bistro in Bologna. Standing on Ayers Rock in Australia. Skydiving above the coast of California. Running through the great forests of Canada. Seeing the warzone in Beirut. Cheering at a K1 match in the Tokyo Dome. Skiing down the slopes of the Alps. Walking on the Red Square outside the Kremlin. Treading the halls of the Forbidden Palace. Exploring the jungles of India. Lazing in the sun on the Fiji islands. Dancing in the nightclubs of Kyoto. Shopping down in Kowloon. Bicycling along the Black Sea. Enjoying the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Providing aid to children in Colombia. Watching the apes in the jungles of Sudan. Feel the vibrant nature of Madagascar. Trek across the plains of Antarctica. Walk the grassy fields of New Zealand. Marvel at the geisers of Iceland. Cheering on the huski’s on Greenland. Checking out the Icepalace in Norway. Drinking a cocktail on Bora Bora. Seeing the dragonboat races in Hong Kong. Trekking along Nepal’s Annapurna trail.

Let’s start today.

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