Dice Pools

We decided to not implement the idea of dice pools into Corrosion for the simple reason that it’s a complex mechanic to maintain. Combat Pool, Magic Pool, Karma Pool, Hacking Pool, Control Pool…I’m not looking forward to implementing that. At first it seemed like that wasn’t much of a problem; the lack of dice pools just means that the progression through the game gets controlled a little bit since it means fewer dice to roll and thus less successes on your test. A case could be made to implement the Spell Pool, as it’s dice that usually get split between the Sorcery test and the Drain Resistance test. You could assign them fifty-fifty, or with whatever division you’d like to apply. Combat Pool becomes harder, since it’s situational. People will generally keep some dice back in order to assist dodge rolls or Damage Resistance tests when needed. Corrosion needs to be quick and you don’t want to have to decide how many dice to assign to one test and to the other between one round and the next.

So we chucked them, thinking that the lack of situational modifiers like visibility, movement and range would balance each other out.

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