.: My Back
So as you may or may not know, I injured my back late in December of 2009. It started out as a sprain as I lifted some boxes improperly after a rough evening of BJJ which hardly gave me reason to pause, especially as it seemed to have sorted itself out the following day. Sadly, the following day I spent all day in an aeroplane, proceeded by five night’s on Jim’s sofa, and another aeroplane ride back to .nl, which compounded the problem. I started feeling as if my back was tired, as if I had a bad muscle-ache in my lower back. New Year’s Eve came and went and the 2010 training season was supposed to start but I thought I’d take it easy, as my back really started to hurt now. I decided to visit my physiotherapist, since he’d berated me quite badly for waiting so long to have my shoulder checked out back in 2008 when it was in fact broken. He told me I was being a big pussy and not to waste his time with little aches like that (mixed signals, dude!) and that it’s something to be expected if you do things like grappling or kickboxing, let alone both! He told me it would sort itself out, but I’d be wise to do a lot of continuous walking, preferably about 30 minutes, every day. I’ve been doing that, and I have to admit it’s not so bad any more, but it’s also not gone. I have to remain patient and let my back heal up, which has proven to be very difficult for me.

.: I Torture Myself…
…with books I don’t understand, because my brain is like a block of obsidian, coated in Teflon, impervious to the uptake of knowledge, and the only way to learn anything is to just smash information to particle bits on my skull until some of it seeps in through a small crack, or something! Currently, I’m readingĀ Full Metal Apache: Transactions Between Cyberpunk Japan and Avant-Pop America by Takayuki Tatsumi, which is a deconstruction of orientalist and occidentalist influences in post-postmodernist literature. In terms of how interesting it is, it sounds far worse than it is. In terms of complexity, it sounds just as bad as it is. About twenty-five percent of the book is annotations. Yeah, it’s one of those books where you need two bookmarkers, one for your place in the book and one for your place in the appendix.

.: Shadowrun: Corrosion
My back being in the sorry state it is has afforded me some time to spend on Corrosion, which is really coming along nicely. We’ve got a solid grasp on everything, and a working, functional framework for everything but the missions (the combat stuff.) I’ve got some ideas on how to go about this, but first I want to finish up all the other stuff so that I can concentrate on that. It’s going to be complex, and I’ll have to make use of AJAX, which will be new for me. By that point, I can also start instructing my brother on some of the additional coding that undoubtedly will have to take place.

I have many other things left to tell, but I’ll leave them for another time.

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