I’m starting to notice just how much effect a good night’s sleep has on me. Having had a rough couple of years in which I didn’t want to sleep for reasons I won’t go into, I am what you’d call pretty sleep deprived most of the time. Nowadays, I try to sleep 7 or eight hours, and I notice that getting less than that will start to wear on me if I keep it up for too long. Sometimes it’s out of my hands, like last night, I kept waking up because I was laying on my arms and my arms kept falling asleep (a problem I have a lot the last few years) and I wake up because of the pain in my arms or the inability for me to even move them properly as I change positions.

I find that one of two things start happening to me when I don’t sleep; either I get this crazy burst of nervous energy that propells me through the day and I absolutely crash a few days later, or I get hyper emotional and everything reminds me of my parents or I somehow relate to my parents or is somehow a reflection of all the things I couldn’t do for them before they died.

I kind of like the first one and I can’t say that I’m averse to the second one either, but both sap my energy, my tolerance, my patience and make me a nightmare for the people around me.

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